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Does your cat have many names/nicknames??

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I'm just curious to see who gives their pets 'pet names'
I do!

Cello and Kismet are their names to the public, but they have many names at home.

Cello does know his name and responds to it
But he goes as.....

Sgt. Meowenstein
The commander
Big Man

Kismet knows kismet but also responds to muffin, or anything starting with kis

Sweet Baby Girl

Am I the only crazy person that does this???
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Moose's official name is "Bullwinkle J. Moose" aka Meeshka Mooshka
Rocky is "Rocket J. Squirrel" aka Rocket J.
Lucy has the most nicknames: Missy, Missy Kitty, Little Pet Shop Girl, Lucy Lu, Missy Lucy Lu, Miss One Orange Foot.
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I have two kittens and already they have nicknames!!!

Figaro our 6 month old male his nicknames are:

Big Fig

Cleo our 6 month old female kittens nicknames are:

Cleo Bug (cause she is like a love bug)

and for some reason she always comes running when i call out

" kittens!!!! where are my kittens?"

Figaro just looks at me as if he is thinking...unless you call me figaro I am not coming!!! and even then I may not respond LOL
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No way, you are NOT the only one that does this.

Pixel, naturally, is called "Pixie" pretty regularly, and since she is so sneaky she is also called "Tricksy" and "Pixie Tricksykins." DH started calling her "Pixie Sue" and then depending on what she is doing "Purrby Sue" or "Purbzoo" and so much other stuff. LOL. She is also regularly called "Stinker" and "Stripey" and "Stripes" and "Stripezoo." I also call her "Princess" and "Miss Pretty."

Bamf is almost never called "Bamf." Sometimes "Bamfie" or "Bamfie-boo." One of his first nicknames was "Chubby" because his belly got cute and round very quickly (while is sister was quite skinny). Then I began calling him "Mr. Chubs." DH calls him "Chubby Bubby" and "Bubs" also. DH started calling him "Chubby Boo" and then I began just calling him "Boo" and now DH calls him "Boo Boo." We also call him pretty much any word followed by boo. For instance, "Stinkerboo," "Fatboo," "Chubbyboo," "Dumboo," Sillyboo." You get the idea. He is also sometimes called "pooper".

We also make a Lord of the Rings joke with them and call them Slinker (Pixel the sneaky) and Stinker (Bamf and his smelly poop)!

So yeah, my cats have more nicknames than yours and they haven't even lived with us for a year!!!
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Zany Zane. Zane the Insane. The Cat of Small Brain. My Furry Assistant. My Furry Hot Water Bottle. My Furry Superviser. Old Yowler. Mr. Snuggle-Up-With-Us. My Furry Mousetrap. Little Mr. Underfoot. Rug.
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Shareena--You Dratted Cat, KeeKeeKee (KittyKittyKitty), Goofus, The Goddess, Baby Cat

Miss Patchwillow--Pretty Kitty, Fat Cat, Doofus, Snuggle Bug, Baby Cat

Goldy--Goldycat, Mama Cat, Pretty Girl, Baby Cat, Golden Girl

Iris (Goldy's kitten)--Flower Girl, Flower Child, Purry Kitty, Baby Cat, Iris Flower, Brat

Cali (Goldy's kitten)--Calicat, Pretty Kitty, Trouble, Baby Cat

Lion (Goldy's kitten, gone to his furever home )--Big Boy, Big Red, Tiger, Cuddles, Baby Cat

You'll notice some of the nicknames are interchangeable. They are also collectively known as Kitty Katzes, Silly Katzes, and a few other less polite names. Iris is the only one who answers to her official name. The others respond (or not) to the tone of my voice.
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Persi: Buddy Boy, Pal

Alley: Fraidy, Scairdy
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Harvey- Harv, Munchkin, Velcro, Harvey Monster, Harvey The Purring Machine, Loud Mouth, Whiney

Luke- Baby Luke, Handsome Man, Fatty, Lucas (if he's in trouble), Big Boy
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demon and hatelyn.
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There's HEAPS of threads on nicknames.

Here's a recent one I dug up -
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Camster, Cam, Cam Cam, Bunny butt, because she has a stub tail and when she's in trouble Camantha. lol.
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I do this too.

Shadow: Tubby, Big Fatty, Big Fat Momma, Shadow The Hutt
Spaz: Spazzy, Spazzle, Spedazzle
Ash: Ashley, Buddy, Big Buddy
Nermal: Nermie, The Nerm, Nerminator
Bitty: Itty, Biddybiddybiddy (like the robot from the Buck Rogers tv show))
Pancake: Panny, Panny Cakes, Pretty Kitty
Baby Boy: Terror, Doofus
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Our three's names I can think of, at the moment;

1.) Taz (11 year old, 20 pound orange tom)

- Taz-man
- Oinker
- Big Guy

2.) Morgan (10 year old, 10 pound, active tuxedo female, full name, Morgan Taylor Cat)

- Squeeks
- "The Creature"
- "Baby"

3.) Kasey (8 to 10 year old torti, rescued last spring)

- Darth Kittius (occassional aggression issues with the others)
- Shop Vac
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Originally Posted by Zane's Pal View Post
Zany Zane. Zane the Insane. The Cat of Small Brain. My Furry Assistant. My Furry Hot Water Bottle. My Furry Superviser. Old Yowler. Mr. Snuggle-Up-With-Us. My Furry Mousetrap. Little Mr. Underfoot. Rug.
Lump. Lumpcat. Mrawrer. Lapcat.
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Some hilarious ones on this thread: Hatelyn, My Furry Superviser, Sgt. Meowenstein


Hobbs: Hobster Lobster

Angel: Prissy girl, Trouble

And my new two cats, from my fiance:

Timmy: Timmy-tim

Milly: Silly Milly; The Predator
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Well our cats dont even get called by their "first" names anymore lol im sure they all have identity issues now

Lexi- is now Pooh Bear: bear, pooh, babos, pooper
Oliver--is now ManCake lol, Manny, Manuela,
Mazie--fluffy, shrimp, old fart, bilbo baggins
Mazie Junior---is now June Bug: Buggy, Buggezze, Boonie, Junnie
Riley---is now Chunky Monkey: my mom calls her Baby, Chunk A Dunk, Chunk-a-sorous, dinasour cat,
Dakota: puppy, bakoidian,
Joe: Joey, Josephina, Fiona(lol), Bugger, babies
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My cat whose fallen in love with my houseguest friend's new nickname is Romeo.
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I've been calling my Beau, "Beau-Beau" more often. I realized after I named him that his name sounds a lot like "No!" when I have to say it to him, and I didn't want him confusing that so I guess "Beau-Beau" is okay. My hubby likes to call him Boo-Boo like Yogi Bear. In Chinese, "Bo Bo" is a common cute name so half the time I call him that with the Chinese accent.
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Nero is also called Little Boy, Sweet Boy, Sweetness, Mommy's Sweetness.

We call Katina "Baby Cat"

No nicknames for Hoshi yet.

My parents' cats have a million nicknames, but the most common for the three there:

Chassis's is Frissle
Caliper's is Schnark
Tailpipe's is Snick-snack.
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I too nickname ALL of my pets and the funn part is they always end ER like:

Voodoo(our american bulldog) Voodooer
Roxi(our Pit Cross) Roxer

Then Cece has a few more like Momma since she is pregos and Little Lady
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