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6 month old male kitten weight gain question

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Hello, I am a new member.

I am the proud parent of a 6 month old littermates,a male kitten and his sister.

My female is slender and trim and my male kitten, while I know he is going to be larger than her is developing a saggy belly that sways when he runs..
Both of them are on a free range feeding with soft food in the evening as a treat.

I know he is still a kitten and believe me his is growing everyday, my question is should he have a belly at this age? If so will he slim out? He gets plenty of excersize and makes me tired watchin him chase his sister around.

I had an older cat who we had to put down after 14 years and she developed a belly when we moved into our apartment,it was smaller and there was not much room to run and play.

We are in a house with plenty of room and stairs to climb.
just wondering what is normal, it has been long time since iv'e had kittens to care for.

Both kittens were spayed/neutered before i adopted them form the shelter, my vet agrees it was too young for them as we only adopted them at 8 weeks old.
They had there first vet visit and shots needed.

Any help would be appreciated.

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My guess is that the 'belly' you're seeing is actually loose skin + a fat pad that some cats have. It's typically used to protect them from being kicked there or to give them more room to stretch when running.

It's often called a 'spay sway' but males get it to and the cat doesn't have to be spayed/neutered to develop one (just makes it more common, I think).

It doesn't mean he's overweight necessarily, but it is where cats tend to gain weight first, so keep an eye on it.

Kittens are neutered/spayed very young with no complications from it, especially when they're in a shelter situation. I'm sure your kits are fine.
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Same cats will just eat and eat until they get fat. You might have to put them on a feeding schedule to prevent him from getting really heavy. Seems like males are more prone to overeating than females are.
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Neutering at 2 pounds (about 8 weeks old) is common practice, but unfortunately a lot of vets still stick to their old fashioned ways of 6 months. Most of mine were neutered that young with no ill effect.

Kittens go thru growth spurts and I've seen kittens first grow out, then up, then out, then up, until they reach their adult weight. Only your vet will be able to tell you if he is abnormally fat right now. I tend to worry more if they remain pudgy, particularly if they are reaching their adult size.
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