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Friday's DT

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Ack! I have to stop it with all of these quizzes. I am becoming obsessed with them!

Well at least I get to go home in 45 minutes. Now I just have to talk hubby into going to the drive-in tonight. I hope he is not too tired after work today.

Anyone have big plans for the weekend?
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Graduation day! No more getting up at 3:30! I got my certificate of completion, a perfect attendance certificate and a "Best Vocabulary" certificate.

The company ponied up cake and ice cream, let us leave two hours early and paid us for the whole day! How cool, is that?

I found Father's Day cards. for all three of my fellas: my dad, Bill and Mark. Bill is getting one from the dogs, too - it was too cute to resist. Now, I have to find presents. My dad is easy - he gets a restaurant gift card.
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Cindy - Congrats on graduating!
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No big plans for this weekend even though my birthday is on Sunday. We'll probably go out to eat or maybe Dad will grill some steaks. Either way, I'm happy. I already got my presents last week. The folks got me a Cellphone and their even paying for the first month! It's pretty nice...I've only used it twice!

Other than that, nothing much going on here. Gotta work tomorrow I've worked every day this week including Monday, so I'm a bit pooped out.

Congrats Cindy! I'm proud of you!

Christy, hope you have a good weekend!
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