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Need Vibes for Boo Boo

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Hey guys. I'm the one with the 12-13 year old Persian male.... after a round of prednisolone and amoxi drops, I had to take him back since the itching never got better and his gum was still inflamed. Well, he has gingivitis on one of his teeth but the doc said it "doesn't look bad at all" (I saw it, it looked bad to me!) We finally got the blood panel done. Whether or not it is a senior blood panel, I don't know, I was too upset to even ask .. I do know it is to check for white and red blood cell count and how all of his organs are doing. Please pray or vibe, or whatever you can for my cat. I am very upset. I know one day that they all go but I am not ready for this cat to have kidney or liver problems. His itching isn't due to ringworm, this being the third opinion .. I guess they are right. He is energetic and playful and eating, ... so I am praying it is just winter skin.
*sighs* thanks guys
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I feel your pain, as I just posted a thread about mine - and I'm terrified, too. I'll pray for yours if you pray for mine! Get better, Boo Boo!
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I hope the tests will be ok.
I found out my 17 year old Coco has Crf last Sept at the er vet.
I was dreading the test would show that.
Post his test results.
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I will post the test results, and will pray for your babies too ..
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Sending vibes for Boo boo! from my Persian and 4 Exotics.
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YES! He is alright! The test results came back and the vet said all of his numbers were within normal range. He told me to try some vitamins/fish oils/omega three fatty acids for his skin and to try some hypoallergenic shampoo. Otherwise, they have no idea why he is itching.
He is still itching, but I shaved him last night and looks like that helped a bit. I am SO RELIEVED about his test results! Thank God and thank you guys for your vibes!
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