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My fat cat Dusty will not eat - is depressed

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Dusty is 8, neutered male (since 6 mo. old), and normally won't let you walk into the kitchen without following you in hopes of getting fed. Thurs. night I noticed he didn't want any of the dry food I was feeding the other two - which is rare. This morning he wasn't waiting to eat - which is rare - and when I fed him his wet food he took a couple of licks and walked away. I tried another new can - same thing. He did eventually eat one tiny cat treat, but didn't gobble it like usual. He also licked dried catnip - and rolled for a bit, till the drunk wore off, and now he's back to depressed Dusty.

I'm terrified - in part because my family is leaving town for the weekend this afternoon, and partly because of everything I read on this site. He's had UTI problems - began spraying when I brought the feral in last Fall, was diagnosed with crystals, got Convenia, got better, and was prescribed Methagel so he wouldn't have to eat CD food (didn't like it). He is still spraying - not squatting - at least I think it's him. I also think it's at the behavioral stage. But what do I know?

I am here with 3 toddlers who are not my own, can't leave, so my Dad agreed to drop him off at the vet with a long note about his symptoms (sort of like this long note). The vet will call me later on, I hope.

I have not seen him squat around the house - like you would expect with UTI. He does go outside for very limited periods of time - usually late evening. He could have met up with another cat - they seem to love my yard.

I've noticed the past few weeks he is missing fur from the end of his tail, and you can actually see his tail bone. It has never looked infected, but it freaks me out. Today Scaredy (the former feral) sniffed at it and he yelled at her. Don't know if that means anything. He seemed sensitive about it.

One long shot possibility - he "fetches" super balls - the kind you get from a bubblegum machine. He has never come close to swallowing one, but could that happen? I'd think it would choke him. But could a cat swallow one and become blocked? I've had a cat with intestinal blockage, but the item was MUCH smaller than a super ball.

At any rate, for the first time in his 8-1/2 years, Dusty isn't eating, and I'm scared out of my wits. He went into his carrier without a fight, too, and that can't be a good thing. I guess he could use some of those vibes you guys are always so happy to send? Prayers too?
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I hope everything goes well at the vet and it isn't a major problem. Maybe he just has some little infection that has him not feeling well, thus not wanting to pig out. Let us know how things turn out!!! Lots of vibes and thoughts coming your way!!!
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Prayers for you both, and thank goodness you're getting him to the vet right away. Please make sure your vet has every contact phone number in the world for you, should you decide to make your weekend trip - hopefully it's nothing major, but...

Does your vet board animals overnight? Or who's taking care of Dusty if he's released and you do take your trip? You may have to leave a letter of authorization if additional care is needed while you're gone. You know, if you prepare for the worst, nothing bad at all will happen, but the one time they can't reach you, that's the time they'll need you!
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Thank's darlilli and CatNurse22 for your thoughts. The vet called a bit ago and can't get any urine expressed - yet. Said she felt no obstructions (RE: the super ball), he's not dehydrated. They want to run blood work, and mentioned I can board him there over the weekend if need be. The expense! My usual neighbor girl (18 yrs) is feeding.

I do appreciate your responding - I need moral support. I refuse to have favorites in cats, but Dusty is kind of the life blood of this household.
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I don't have much to add, but I have a girl kitty named Dusty, so I had to respond and give you my best wishes that your Dusty doesn't have a serious problem.
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i really hope that it is nothing. maybe he does have a little infection in his tail and that is the problem. i am sending lots of good vibes your way
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I hope the vet can give you an all clear - and I know that's an expense with the boarding - maybe the vet can advise whether it's a necessary step for observation or not. I know of cats who hide from sitters even when they're perfectly healthy. Isn't that the way - nothing like this would happen on a weekend when you're planning to just hang around the house anyway.

Good luck,
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Goodluck! Sounds like you're doing all you can!
Not eating on it's own cat be very dangerous, without all the other symptoms. If you are leaving, keeping him at the vet (as awful and expensive as it may be) might be your best option since they will force feed him and get him fluids if that becomes necessary.

Good luck and please keep us posted
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Well, on Friday Dusty languished at the vet's 7 hours and the vet (my least favorite one there - but you get whoever is working that day) couldn't get urine from him to see about UTI.

She ran bloodwork; it appears Dusty is the healthiest sick cat in the world. All results were great, she said. She felt no signs of intestinal blockage.

She gave him a shot of Depo Medrol (I know I'm going to hear about this; but they have done this on other UTI occasions for inflammation), in case he really did have a problem that had not turned into an infection yet.

She suggested I pick him up and bring him home Friday before I was to leave town. So in the midst of this rushed and terrible day I waited an hour and a half to talk to her before I brought him home, only to leave him alone with 2 other cats for 48 hours.

I was terrified for him, but I had no choice on leaving town. So I called my mom and asked if she'd periodically look in on the cats (I have a neighbor girl feeding them, but my mom would know more what to do if he was lying here half-dead).

Saturday morning when I first talked to her, Dusty was fine, she said he was playing me because he saw we were leaving town (more than one person suggested that to me, crazy as it sounds). When I later talked to the neighbor girl, she said she watched him eat and he was eating great.

So, I'm sorry for this long novel, but what gives with this cat? Did the Depo Medrol help that much? He hasn't gotten an antibiotic. Are cats smart enough to see packed overnight bags and put two-and-two together?

We arrived home today; Dusty really seems fine. He wanted to eat. He's wild as ever. I THANK EVERYONE for listening and caring during the past few days. I knew I could count on you guys!
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nothing is wrong with your cat! He's a cat and sometimes they just like to worry us over nothing!!

So happy to hear he is doing better!!
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Cats will occasionally "go off their feed" for a few days, with no really detectable reason. I would assume that it's due to some minor stomach upset, a little bit of constipation, who knows what? They can't talk, so the best of us can only guess.
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I had something like this happen with my previously overweight cat Sneakers. My vet did bloodwork, urinalysis etc and everything was within normal ranges except the liver levels were slightly elevated which is expected from not eating. We couldn't figure out what was going on. She was a little dehydrated so my vet had me give her sub-q fluids and put her on Cyproheptadine, an appetite stimulant. She started eating again then but we never found out the cause.
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