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Larry Fetches!

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Well, of course he chooses to do it at 5:45 in the morning when I'm not ready to get up yet.

He's got some of those squiggly covered wire toys....I call them his "sproings"....they're like colorful little springs. He loves to bat them around and carry them in his mouth.

I've been sort of teaching him to fetch, but I didn't think he was getting it. He'd do it for a couple of it, bring it halfway back and bat it over to me.

This morning, I felt him jump on the bed and I opened my eyes and he was just sitting there, looking down at his feet. He had his "sproing". I tossed it, he chased it and carried it back to me and dropped it. I did it again and he brought it back again! This happened about 5 times! Then I think he batted it under a bookcase or something - or he got bored, which is entirely possible.

Such a smart kitty. I just wish he'd be smarter later in the day.
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Hehe, Scotty used to fetch. He doesn't do it anymore, though . I wish he would. Although not at 5:45 a.m.!
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2 of my 3 fetch. Manny loves the springs. ( look at his picture ) lol
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Our Sam fetches also. We got him as a rescue at 10 months old. He already had the basics, so he either was previously taught, or he figured it out on his own. He will initiate fetch or I can, it does not seem to matter to him. He seems to prefer those plastic balls with the bell inside. Sometimes Sam will hide all of his toys, and I have yet to figure out where. Other times we awaken in the morning to find a neat pile of plastic balls in the middle of our bed, and Sam patiently waiting for the game to begin.
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My mom's cat used to fetch, too, but doesn't anymore either. He seems to get bored with it and just walks away.

Lilyluvscats, that's the spring!!! Larry's favorite one is the green one! I think they like them because they're so easy to carry, too. By the way, your Brady looks just like my Larry!

Charles, that's so funny. It's so weird when they hide things and only they know where they are, and then they'll all appear again.
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Nero fetches his feather balls, it's so cute

Chassis loves to fetch these sparkly looking ball keychains and these soft little spotted balls my mom got.
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It is very exciting. It is funny.
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