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Daily Thread TGIF March 27th!

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Weeeeeeeeeee! Friday!! Trout is on my lap She actually didn't wake us up today!

Its going to be a nice day today, and its PAYDAY! I love putting more and more money into the wedding fund!

Heading to work in a bit. The gym tonight.

Tomorrow me and my bridesmaids are going to see the reception venue to get some decoration ideas. I'm excited!

Thats all for now..have a great day folks!
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WOOHOO! In less than an hour I'm leaving for the Convention! I'll "see" you all when I get back.
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I'll be out the door shortly to go to Lubbock and back. If I'm lucky, and if the weather isn't too bad, I'll be back tonight. If not, then tomorrow noon.
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Yay it is Friday, I am so glad the weekend is here I am pooped.

I am at work now and then I am going to go home clean my house and prop my feet up for the weekend. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything this weekend but relax and get some much needed things done around the house.

Since it is Friday I don't have to cook tonight which is always nice. It is the one day of the week we order out so I get a break from having to cook all the time.

My goody cabinet is empty so I need to get some baking done this weekend too. I enjoy doing it when I am in the mood so hopefully i'll be in the mood this weekend and will get the cabinet restocked for the week.

My Dh and I are both having surgery on Tuesday (how is that for strange) He is having his sinuses operated on and I am having my ears operated on so from Tuesday on my MIL will be taking care of both of us. I need to get a couple of crockpot meals ready that she can just throw on since she doesn't cook this way if we feel like eating something we will have something.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Its sunny but cool with high of about 40F. Snow coming tomorrow (grrrr....)

Have to run to a couple of stores to get supplies for dh's card game tonite.

Another call to another shelter too. The one last night did not have a match. When my neighbor came over I asked if he had seen the stray hanging around and he had not.
Also hoping we can keep him!! I would like to name him Miskin ( it means needy) but I keep on calling him Buddy!

Have a good day!!
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I have today off! We both took today off, because we're going up to northern Vermont to see my fiance's aunt and cousin. Right now I'm at his parents house doing massive amounts of laundry. He's shadowing a funeral service director right now, learning about the job since he thinks thats what he wants to go to school for. I'm happy he finally knows what he wants to do.

Heading up north in a few hours. And I'm meeting with one of my friends either tonight or tomorrow. Asking her to be a bridesmaid in the wedding with a little photo scrapbook. I hope she says yes.
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Morning All!!!

Pouring like crazy here today and quite warm 8C. I love rainy days this time of year because it means spring has finally arrived

I seen one very chilly robin in the yard yesterday so that is a good sign as well.

Nothing at all planned for today, just going to putter around the house, read a bit and cook a bit.

Am making some traditional French Canadian Pea Soup which I will be taking to my brothers tomorrow. They are in the middle of both lambing season, and Maple Syrup season at his farm right now so no one has much time for cooking. It's one of his favorites so he called me last evening to convince me that it would be a nice idea to make a pot up for him.
I have the peas soaking in warm water right now and will start the soup after lunch.

The kitties are good, they are all sitting in the window enjoying some fresh air and watching the rain.

Everyone have a great day
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Woohoo! It's Friday

Right now it's about 68ºF, but there are chances of thunderstorms today too. Which is cool with me, I love thunderstorms

My pole for the house is supposed to arrive today, Then I can practice my pole fitness at home whenever I want, in addition to my 3-days-a-week at the studio. We're going out to party on April 10th, (about 60 of us!) can't wait for that either.

This weekend we might go adopt a friend for Nero. Katina has decided to move in with Rob's parents. Yeah, my cat made that decision She refuses to stay at our house, she doesn't snuggle with us or let us pet her much, hates Nero ... but if she's at my in-laws house (which many of you know is right behind ours), she will snuggle on them all day, let herself be carried around, etc. We think it's because that's where she spent the first 1.5 years of her life. And they really want to keep her over there, so we feel it's best for Katina to be where she is happy and content. Nero needs an indoor only friend to play with and keep himself entertained, we're thinking of a 1-2 year old male kitty that likes other cats.

Yay, my boss just left for the next 2 hours He plays basketball with other people at the company on Fridays from 11:30-1:30, now I can dilly dally for a little while since I'm done with my work for the day but need to stay until like 3:30-4pm!
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Wooooooohooooooooooooo. It's Friday My hubby is coming home tonight, and for some strange reason I've really missed him the last couple days. (normally I don't) So I'm looking forward to curling up with him on the new couch

It's a nice day out, my thermometer is saying its 20C out....ummm, not quite LOL.... It's in the sun at the moment... Its prolly bout 9-10C out. Would be very nice if there was no wind but the breeze is cool.

I went for coffee with my neighbour and we were outside for a bit, discussing lots of stuff but figuring out what we were doing this year. (we do lots of outside projects together). We have to finish her brick work, put her sandpoint back in, put her pool up and possibly work on our shed.

I outdoor work.
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