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babies are here

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Slick had her babies last night about 11 o clock. On my sons 37th birthday. It looks like she has 4 pintos (those are my husbands words for black and white). I just put some food out for her. She will eat when she is ready. Everyone looks good as far as I can see. Very vocal when she moves around to wash. They don't like their meal interrupted. Kind of like my son actually. I sure hope I can find good homes for them. The girl at the vet's might want one. I actually don't like having kittens. It makes me sad. There are way too many cats out there. I have had cats all my life and never had kittens because we immediately spayed and neutered them. Slick was hard to catch or she wouldn't have had any either. I would have had her spayed. Oh well, we do our best for the animals. Will try to get pics and will post.
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I love black and white cats and have 3.
i can not wait to see pics of them.
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I have revised the number of kittens upward. SIX!!! oh man. They are all fat and happy. Slick is being very attentive, but is still very friendly to me. I don't understand how she could have been so scared living in the barn, but tame down so fast. I have e mailed a no kill shelter here who have pick a pet shows at the local Petsmart. They screen all applicants. I hope to keep Slick and find homes for as many as I can. They agreed 3 weeks ago to take them, so it should work out ok. It sure will be hard to give the little cuties up, but I have 7 cats of my own. Just can't have any more. But if I hadn't taken her in, there would be 6 more barn cats and more and more kittens. Plus the busy road. Can't bear to loose them on the road. I will keep them till they are ready to go. Me too, love B & W.
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Congrats on having 6 babies! I don't think you will have a hard time finding homes for them. I had 8 moggies this summer and I found each and every one of them homes. They went to people we knew, either friends or co-workers of my husband. Oh and my neighbour took two of them

You've got quite some time yet to find homes as well, so don't fret. Have fun with them as they grow.
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You are right, I am not going to spend much time worrying about homes for the darlings. I have not had kittens, so I am going play like crazy with them and really get them used to people. There is NOTHING cuter than kittens playing. I love them all.
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Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
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Congratulations! I am sure you will be able to find good homes. I can't wait to see pics. Kittens are so cute.
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I have some cute pics of the new family. Where are the directions on posting these? Thanks
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Originally Posted by farleyv View Post
I don't understand how she could have been so scared living in the barn, but tame down so fast.
There are a couple of reasons working together.
1. The maternal hormones. As soon she recognizes there is no real danger any more, or in any case, the dangers inside with you are much lesser then those outside, she settles down. And the maternal hormones helps her to get friendly and docile. (Although she can be roused very quickly if she thinks there is real danger coming! Moms ARE protective).
2. The cat moms, also the feral cat moms, are like human moms. The most important is not freedom but the welfare of her children.
As soon she settles down in your house, she will copy.

It is thus not always possible to foster a feral mom into loving homecat within these three month, but it is usually no problem with fostering her kittens...

Congrats and luck to the mom and her beautiful healthy babies, and of course, congrats and thanks to their kind fosterer!
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Originally Posted by farleyv View Post
I have some cute pics of the new family. Where are the directions on posting these? Thanks
if you have an image hosting service [like photobucket] that's the easiest way to post pix. if you don't, join photobucket - free. then upload your pix from your computer to photobucket.
to post a pic, simply copy & paste the tag under your image that begins w/[IMG]. below is an example - the 1st w/an added space so that the code will show, & the 2nd w/o the space.
[IMG ]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v383/laureen227/P1010018.jpg[/IMG]

for a signature [the banner] post links to your pix on this thread: signature request thread. someone [maybe me, maybe someone else, maybe more than one person, even] will creat one for you & post the finished one here: complete signatures. at that point, you can download the sig & upload it to your own photobucket account. if you have color/style preferences, post that on the 1st thread along w/your pic links.
to change your sig [rules here, btw] go to the UserCP tab on the top left side of the page. once there, you'll see an 'edit signature' link - that's where you'll post your sig.
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