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And the winners are....

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Now that Darlene is back we can officially change the name of the forum to :drums roll:

Paws and Reflect

The prize will be shared between TLK and Deb25 as they sort of came up with it together.

And the prize is you both get to choose a special user name! Instead of Alpha cat you can have any other title your heart desires!

Mind you, this is a special privilage given only to users with more than 1500 posts, so in a sense you have been promoted over Super Cat and Top Cat directly to "custom title" cat available only at 1500 posts!

Now - just let me know what you chosen title is and I'll update it!

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This is WAY TOO COOL ! ! !

What an "Honor to share this award with Deb25. . . . .

"I want to thank all the Members of the Academy. . . . " "It is an Honor just to be nominated. . . ."

Everyone here makes me feel like a
(as opposed to a senile old :witch:

I don't deserve a special title, however; that doesn't mean I won't take it LOL !

My Mama didn't raise no FOOL

I should like to be referred to as PHAT KAT
(to indicate that I am still young and cool at heart, hip and with it :afrorainbo: and just plain "Pleased as Punch !"

Thank You and "Please hold your applause until the old woman returns to her seat . . . "
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Egad! A custom title? I had enough trouble coming up with a user name! (and that one is on my driver's license!)

I'll have to get back to you on this one. Maybe the boys have a couple of suggestions.

Thanks to everyone, especially Darlene, who did most of the brain work on this one. I'm only the English teacher who edited her suggestion.
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I hereby title you Phat Kat

Deb - Waiting for your request. Maybe you should ask people in the lounge for ideas?
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Deb25; You could be a


(just a suggestion)
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How about Phat Kat #2, or Phat Kat Also? Okay...kinda cheesy...but just a thought! How about.....Kit Kat? My favorite candy bar...geesh, you are lucky!! I don't even get to pick my own title yet!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Any news about your chosen name Deb25? I may have missed it if you posted somewhere else about it...
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No, Anne. I haven't been able to think of one I am pleased with yet. Truthfully, I wanted to make it up to Super Cat first. Then, also. I didn't bother to give it much thought since I didn't want to bother you while you were in bed. I am working on it.
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