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Dry Spraying???

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I have a dumb question. Joey is a 3 year old neutered tabby. Lately I have noticed him "spraying", but nothing comes out. Nothing has really changed in the household that would make hime feel stressed, and I'm happy that he's not urinating outside the litter box. Should I take him to the vet? He seems very healthy--good appetite, drinks water, uses the litter box and that all looks normal, plays.
Thanks for any suggestions.
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By spraying do you mean he's waving his tail rapidly? Some cats do this to say they're happy. Looks just like they might be spraying. I know my youngest male cat does it when he's happy and I'm always checking behind him!
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Our RB boy Gryphon used to do that -- freaked more than one person out
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Our torti rescue, Kasey does the shaking tail thing.

This seems to happen when she is happy, puzzled or frustrated.

Looks odd for a female to do this but that is just the way she is.

Apparently Egyptian Mau's have this behaviour, see the 3rd item down under Mau Factoids near the bottom of this link;
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We had a feral this summer that vibrated his tail like nuts at dinner time - always a happy thing! I can see how it would look like a kitty spraying. You sure he's not just vibrating his tail because he's happy or excited as others have pointed out?

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I've had boys and girls in the past who've backed up and "sprayed", I always saw it as a happy behaviour.
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Elijah does this. He backs up to a kitchen cabinet and 'sprays' the door, but nothing comes out. He only does this at meal time when I am fixing his food. For him, it seems to be a happy, anticipation behavior.
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Stanley always has a happy "shakey tail" when he is waiting for me to put the food dish down...definately happy in his case
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Yeah, my Scotty does that, too. Freaky at first, but now I'm used ot it, LOL. You get nervous when the back end of a cat is pointed in your direction .
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One of my cats also does that just when I'm about to put his food dish down.
He is a breeding male but doesn't spray at all.
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Thanks for all of your replies! Yes, he shakes or vibrates his tail rapidly while backing up to something. Usually it's the kitchen cabinets or my dresser, but he has done it in other areas too. It does freak me out cuz hubby would have a FIT if he was actually peeing!! It does seem to be when he is happy or wanting attention.
I feel better knowing that this is fairly normal, so I'll try not to make a big deal of it.
Thank you so much for assuring me that your kitties do this too! They are all so different!!
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It's a funny thing, isn't it?

Our Fatty does this ALL the time....especially when he's happy. Spliff has never done it that I've seen.

But I figure, as long as nothing's comming out, he can do it all he wants!
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Moose does this a lot too; my other NM Rocky does not and neither does Lucy.
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