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Cats Are Missing - Please Help Me Figure Out Why

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Three female cats, all spayed (one of which is mine, they are all close neighbors) were last seen roaming off with a handsome male cat (dad of one litter by one of the missing females, last year). It has been two days and there is no sign of any of them (four cats). My question is, do you know of this type of behavior regarding females going off with a male cat for days? If so, would you please tell me your story? Thank you so much.
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sometimes shebert and his daddy leo go for walks but they are both unfixed males (i'm working on that now) I guess maybe if lilly (a fixed female) always hung around with them she might go on a walk with them. I'm not sure. Hopefully someone will have an anwser for you.
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My cat and two others from next door - all three female and spayed - were last seen around a male cat (neighbor cat had one litter by him) a few days ago. Nothing has been seen or heard of these four cats since. Can anyone tell me please, what might be going on here?? Thank you. I am getting worried about my baby girl - there are woods around here and coyotes exist. I pray she has not been eaten.
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Artemis, I think the Behavior Forum would be able to give you some help with this. I do hope they come home. You must be worried sick!
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I am sorry the cats have vanished. The fact that all four cats are gone does not bode well for good news, but cats do wander, even spayed ones. The weather is getting nicer and there is lots to see and do.

On our sister site, we have a whole category dedicated to this problem- you can follow the link, and I hope you find your answers there.

Lost Cats
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Thanks for your thoughts - I sure hope they're all out taking a walk. I am having a tough time waiting to see my kitty's face again!!
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Artemis, I merged your two threads together so they would be easier to follow. I hope the link Hissy gave you will help.

Good luck.
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Here are a few things to think about. . .

Do you know if this male or the other females have gone off like this in the past?

Do you have any neighbors that have been known to not like cats? complaining about poop in their yard? or threatening to take "stray" cats to the pound? Any other cats sick or missing in the neighborhood?

Are any of the cats pedigreed, valuable cats that would be at risk of theft?

Has there been any construction in the neighborhood that may have inadvertantly boarded up cats in a basement or attic or wall? Has anyone gone on vacation recently (and accidentally locked kitties in garage or house?) Has there been a large moving van or similar vehicle that the cats may have hitched a ride on accidentally?

I sure hope your cats are just on a walkabout. . .the fact that all four are missing, all at the same time, seems to strongly point to either intentionally trapped or unintentionally trapped.
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I also did a quick search of the forums as this topic comes up quite a bit- here is a good link:

Cat missing
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First of all, thank you all so much for your excellent advice and caring messages. What wonderful forums here. One kittie (Meadow) came home this afternoon - the mom of the bunch. Her daughter Bella (one year old) and mine (Artee, two yrs.) plus the boy tomcat that originally impregnated Meadow are still 'out there' somewhere. One thing that has also struck me as strange is that so many squirrels have disappeared. I must 'let go and let god' - I am hoping that because a lot of rain is on the way, Artee will come home. She's not fond of water (I just remembered, she was named after a hunter, for heaven's sake - so, maybe she's just enjoying the fresh air and beautiful surroundings - I can't blame her for that! Also, to my knowledge, she has never had a boyfriend before). This is the first time she's gone off on a trip without asking or giving me a clue and I guess it may not be the last - I have a feeling I'll just have to 'get used to it'!!

Thanks again everyone - especially for the wonderful advice - I have ruled out a number of the suggestions made, but a few are still definite possibilities I'm checking into. I'll post results. I just have a lot to learn, which I'm sure she'll tell me when she gets in.

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