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Any Ideas?

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My patio is bigger than I thought. Half of it is 10 ft by 13 ft. I could do half because the meters for the entire complex are out there. I want to do some kind of temporary cat enclosure thing. Money is definitely a factor. Anyone have any ideas? My sister's boyfriend is a carpenter. He might be able to help me too. Here's a picture.

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Gosh, half the work is done with that fence. They have a cat-proofing fence that goes along the top of the fence - see here:



a little more involved - something like this:

Either doesn't seem to awfully hard, especially with a carpenter to help
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Yup, having 3 sides done already is great. I'd use 2 x 4s to make a frame, then cover with chicken wire (or hog fencing, or rabbit cage mesh, or whatever). Then cover it with the wire mesh, using furring strips to nail the mesh to the fence. But if you have a carpenter helping you, I'm sure it'll all work out. Lucky!
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