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Zee is going to his first show

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So my pretty boy is all set for his first show. Im nervous and worried. I know just enough about cat shows to be dangerous and I worry that Zee will freak out.

I am very lucky that he will bench with his breeder and she is taking care of things for me. I basically have to show up to the show with him.

There will be some other Sphynx kits there, two of her friends and fellow breeders are bringing the competition, should make things interesting.

So what can I expect and what should I be doing for Zee to get him ready for this?
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Good luck.
I plan on showing Cleo April 4th/5th.
I was told she probably will not do well so if she does bad that will be it.
I have a few people that will help me there.
They are showing Cornish Rexes.
Another one will be showing La Perms.
I hope everything goes will for you.

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Why do they think she will not do well? I thought she was show quality. I know that does not mean they are always going to do well ,but that would at least give her as good a shot as any other kitten/cat.
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She is not really show quality.
My next one will be.

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Ahh sorry, I misunderstood when we talked about kittens in my other thread.
It does not hurt to try, I hope she does well!!!
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Do not worry about it.
I will only try her two times at the most.
I do not want to make her breeder look bad.
Then I will get a show quality kitten/cat this year.
A retired breeder will be fine if its show quality.

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Be sure Zee is clean (bath night before the show), Ears, eyes clean, and nails clipped.

I would put all your stuff in the living room - carrier, show bag with curtains, etc., litter pan, food/water dishes. Be sure to pack food in the show bag and put a note on the door to bring a bottle of water with you. That way they won't get sick drinking strange water.
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Don't panic or be nervous otherwise Zee will pick up on it. I'm sure he'll do great. Lots of luck from NZ!
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I have done some research on getting cats or kittens ready for showing. It is much easier said thandone I'm pretty sure LOL

I want to show all three of mine, but I don't want to pit them against each other either at shows. I will show my girls first in July and then Monty in October I think. We'll see how things go after next weekend's show we're going to watch. Then I can get an idea if my girls will like the handling by judges and stuff. I'm very nervous about that part of it.
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Zee's breeder did not register a kitten for the first day of the show, she did not want to give her own kitten competition She did enter her kit in the second day. I believe that kit is my boys sister.

I hope he does well. He really is a stunning boy and I hope to get some professional pictures taken of him.

I try to keep him in good shape so that show prep is less stressful. He sits quietly for his pedicures and does not mind a bath..thank goodness.

Thanks for the tips and encouragement!
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