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I think Jack is depressed

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I know that sounds silly right. But I think my cat Jack is depressed. He just does not seem like his normal self. The only thing I wonder about, he is shedding and has had a few hairballs, but could that be contributing to it?

Another strange thing with him, is he slinks around the house like he is scared, and he has never been a scardy cat before. One day he was afraid of my son's snowboot that was laying in an unusual place.

Anyone else ever worry that their cat is depressed?

Jack will be 2 in October.
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Shedding at this time of year is normal. However, the change in his behavior could be signaling a physical problem. Is he still eating, drinking, using the litter box? I would take him to the vet to be checked out just in case.
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He is still eating and drinking and using the litterbox just fine. He is not showing any physical signs of a problem (although I know cats are notoriously good at hiding things like that), he just seems to be "mopey"
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To the vet for a blood test, IMO.
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A behavior change is a way a lot of times you know they need to see a vet since they usually hide it otherwise. I would get him in ASAP, especially with him the slinking around the house, scared.
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today it is snowing, Jack loves to try and "catch" the snow through the window, and he has been racing around the house with Raven. I also changed his food (to something better) since I noticed his "depression" and I think that has helped a lot. I am going to just watch him for a few more days.
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Originally Posted by mom2raven View Post
today it is snowing
Oh, you poor people - you've probably seen enough bad weather to last a lifetime!

I'm glad your kitty is doing better. I agree with the others that a remarkable change in behavior (mopey, slinking) is perhaps a cause for a vet visit.
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lol, my kids asked me if we could move someplace that it never snowed.
My car is BURIED!!! I am glad we also have a 4 wheel drive truck.
I guess it is not so bad, I know it will melt soon. Snow today, gone in a few. That could cause more flooding problems, but we will see.
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