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Informative site!

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I'm still new here, but I just wanted to praise this site. I have never seen more informed cat owners all compiled into one place before! It's great!

I know a lot about cats, but I don't know everything & I'm still learning- but I'm feeling happy about being able to come to this forum & discuss nutrition, behavior & all sorts of other things. I wish I'd found it sooner. People often come to me with cat questions, so I feel obligated to learn more about cats.

I have 5 cats. I've had them all since they were kittens, except for my most recent rescue, Jack, who was rescued as an adult stray. I brought 3 of my cats with me from NYC to Ireland & I'm returning on Monday with 2 more rescues.
It's a lot more work than 3, but I'm rewarded with love.

Sid, 13 years old. His mom was a surrendered Main Coon at the NYC ASPCA. She was massive. Yes, I'm aware that he's obese. we're continually trying to help him slim down. He's a cat food obsessive. Really smart & of course, a lap cat.

Grimm, 13 years old, also a NYC ASPCA rescue. LOVES the garden. They're all (except for Jack) allowed out on supervised visits with me in the yard.

Daisy. 11 years old. My only girl! We found her out by the garbage in Astoria, Queens when she was only about 3 weeks old. She's really tiny, 5 pound cat. Unfortunately Daisy is not good at the vets & they have to sedate her before examining her. She's fine at home though!

Iggy! 3 years old, from the cow fields of Tipperary, Ireland. This guy was found by a friends kids. They're not cat people, so they wouldn't let him in the house. The kids called him Jeremy & kept him in their treehouse for a week feeding him with table scraps. He's people food obsessed. The wild part is that he climbed into the wheel well & up under the hood of the car & made a 30 mile journey to me. I'm not kidding. He's a miracle kitty!
Here's what he looked like when I got him.

Jack. I got this guy in June. We think he's around 3 or 4. He's amazing. He was found just looking so sad in the garden. He was peeking in our patio doors just waiting for me to help him. I fed him a few times & then tricked him into jumping into my bathroom window for food & shelter! then I trapped him! He wasn't neutered, but the vet says that he's missing a piece of his eyelid & that it appears to have been done by a vet.
here's Jack when he was a stray-

so sad, right?? well, he's great now. he's a talker, really lovable & playful. He can't go out on supervised visits, because he's white & a skin cancer risk. His eyes & ears have been damaged by the sun already. He is the most rewarding rescue ever.

No more cats for me! I'm at my full quota! But thanks for letting me tell my story, err... brag!
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Hi and welcome to TCS - you're not bragging, we love to see pix and hear stories about cats - we are all obsessed by them. ANd you never stop learning, as you say. Just hearing about others' experiences can teach us so much. I share your worries about white cats and skin cancer, as I have three white ones ( Milo is not in my siggy). I put Nivea sun cream factor 50 on their ears and noses whenever it is sunny, even for sitting in the window.
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Welcome to Tcs.
I like your cats.
My sister is on vacation in Ireland right now.
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Jenny, I'd honestly never even thought about the white cat issue until I got Jack. I'm VERY concerned! I'd like to put sunscreen, too. Is the Nivea safe?
I was thinking about the Dr. Haushka sunscreen, because it's natural, but they're discontinuing it as they're being forced to add chemicals into it now.
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Just wanted to say that I hope those collars are breakaway collars if your cats are allowed outside, regular cat collars can become snagged on all sorts of things. Better to use breakaway collars, best still to have all the cats microchipped for ease of identification.

Your cats are beautiful and look well cared for- bless you for rescuing them.
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Hi Hissy,

yeah, they use breakaway collars, hanging tags & they're all microchipped.
they're spoiled & rule my life, but I wouldn't have it any other way. not to mention that they're angels! no scratching furniture (they have their own to scratch), no bad habits. good cats & thankfully very well adjusted!

oh! and I don't let them out of the garden. I take them out on supervised visits only!
I'm investing in the cat fence to take it one step further in preventive care!
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Hello, welcome to TCS, Sheena13! You have a beautiful tribe of cats. Thanks for sharing the pictures. We love pictures on TCS!
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Wow! They're all fabulous.

I think I'm most drawn to Sid and Jack. Such personalities on those two!

Poor Jack, in his before picture, was so sad looking. Thank goodness you trapped him! Did the vet say WHY another vet would remove part of his eyelid???
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i love being in here with all us cat dorks!


they are definitely the "big characters" in the house. you're very perceptive!
Sid & Jack are really smart cats. Obviously Sid hated to see Jack enter the fold (they're alike), but they're doing great now! Backs are touching on the sofa! Jack did look so sad. it was breaking my heart. I tried to re-home him & then promised him to a friend in the states, but he won my heart. I just feel like he deserves the best parent he can get & I can trust myself to be that person.

The vet seems to think that that there was an injury that hurt the eyelid & that it just had to be removed. hard to say what happened. it's a mystery. but the vet thinks it was "too clean cut" to have been removed in an accident & that's why he thinks a vet did it. He definitely has herpes, too & that never helps the eye issues. I'm going to start him on L-lysine.

We also know that Jack procreated down the road & made some white kittens. It's kind of hilarious, because they look just like him (i saw photos) & yet sad, because all those kittens are reduced to being some farm cats out in the country. Work cats for catching mice. I found out too late to intervene.
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Well, all you can do is hope that the farmer or rancher loves his barn cats. I'm sure they are at least greatly appreciated.

BTW, I don't know if YOUR last name is White or not, but I think it's hysterical that Jack's last name seems to be White.
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hahaha! No, my last name isn't White, but Jack's is! There's a musician called Jack White, from the White Stripes. It just suited him, as does the color scheme that the White Stripes use. Red White & Black.

They all have longer names & a lot have to do with musicians.

* Sid Friskious (Sid Vicious. Sid's name was Chico when I adopted him!)
* Prince Grimm Blue (he came named Grimm. I stuck Prince & Blue on.)
* Daisy Lullabelle Chainsaw Kitten (a band called Daisy Chainsaw)
* Iggy ( Sir Ig'alot) (As he was a motor kitty. Motor City + MC5= Iggy Pop)
* Jack White (who I often refer to as the Christmas Ham. I don't know why!)
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Hi Sheena13,
You have a gorgeous furfamily.
See you around the site.
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Aww! Sweet kitties!
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Originally Posted by Sheena13 View Post

We also know that Jack procreated down the road & made some white kittens. It's kind of hilarious, because they look just like him (i saw photos) & yet sad, because all those kittens are reduced to being some farm cats out in the country. Work cats for catching mice. I found out too late to intervene.
some people do take care of their barn cats, i do. okay, so mine are spoiled though i know most of the farmers here at least feed the cats dry food.

welcome to TCS.
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Originally Posted by Sheena13 View Post
i love being in here with all us cat dorks!
I've been called a lot of things in my life, but never a cat dork. I like it!

Welcome to TCS. If you seek cat knowledge, you have certainly found the right spot!!
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS! Your kitties are adorable.
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Welcome to the cat site.
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Hello & welcome to tcs. It's great to hear all about your kitties.
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