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Hoping for the best here I hope Ollie has put on heaps of weight at his next weigh in too!
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Or, wait til the first time one of them has a hair ball. My first experience was on New Year's Eve - yes, I did call the ER vet

Or someone decides not to eat their formerly favorite food and you start running around presenting them with special food to perk up their appetites,

Or someone regurgitates and you learn the difference between that and vomiting.

But, lots of times, years and years go by without any big issues - and I know you'll never skip a checkup for those two!
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Glad to hear Ollie is almost well. When are we going to see more pictures? Also, keep your camera handy when you make the introductions. That's assuming you'll have a hand free to work the camera.
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more photos when I've got the two of them together.

Right now I have my hands full. Ollie figured out this morning that he could escape his confinement by jumping really high (like 3-4 ft high). So, now I'm scrambling to figure out what to do. Now that he knows how to jump high, he's using it to jump over the pet-gates that prevent him from going up the stairs, etc.

I set up Ally's crate from when she got injured for him. I would put him in another room, but the whole house got treated for fleas and I don't want him on any carpet except the one in my room that I made extra sure was safe for Ally and him. The othe rroom still have some boric acid loose here and there and I don't have enough boric acid left to just treat one room the way I treated mine making it safe.
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Glad to hear that Ollie is doing good. You are a great daddy to your little furbabies. I hope that here on out is nothing but good health for your babies.
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I figured out a place I could put him for the last couple of days until he can live in my room with Ally - so I set him up in there.

I was wrong in thinking he'd be 100% over his URI by today. He's 99.9% over it, but throws in a sneeze once in a while. No congestion though and is otherwise fine. He's not suffering anymore, but I worry he might still be contagious via those sneezes.
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Bru had a really bad cold when I got him a year ago. Don't be surprised if Ally gets it. It can take a few days....when Bru came in Brady got sick about a week later but mostly just watery eyes and a few sneezes. He never got as sick as Bru and got over it really quick with no meds. Good luck.
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