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Taking Ally and Ollie with me to Minnesota

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In about a month and a half, Ollie will get his rabies shot and be licensed.

Unfortunately, I will shortly thereafter be taking my two furry kids with me to Minnesota.

Do I need to re-license them there and if so, how do I go about doing that? I would also need to find a vet near the University of Minnesota, or near the uptown or downtown areas of Minneapolis to not only take my kids to, but also to write prescriptions for Revolution.

Any advice on getting Ally and Ollie legal in Minnesota (when I cross that bridge) and recommendations for animal clinics or hospitals would be great. If even possible, I'd love to get the name of a reputable vet in the area. If there is somebody great, I would me willing to go to Bloomington, Minnetonka, Edina, Plymouth or any other close suburb.

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First, you might want to check with the university. If they have a vet program, they may be able to help you out.

Keep a record of all vaccinations, especially rabies. Most states will accept a certificate from other states, if the need arises, which it rarely does.
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I don't believe Saint Paul has cat licenses. At least, I haven't found any on the city's website, the humane society didn't mention anything, and Squeaky isn't licensed

The U does have a vet school, with a clinic - http://www.cvm.umn.edu/vmc/home.html - if you're living close to campus, that might be the best bet. Uptown is aways away from campus, so it would only make sense to get a vet there if that's where you're going to live. While you could drive out to the suburbs, keep in mind that you want to be able to get to someone quick in an emergency in any kind of weather. There are often times here in the winter where you won't want to drive down the block, let alone across town, and in those instances, it would be nice to have your vet close at hand.
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I will have a car with me. I was aware that the U haad a vet school, but I didn't know if they would accept patients like my cats (or if that even is a good idea to take them there).

If it's good, I could always drop off whoever needs to see the vet on my way to class, and pick him or her up after class on the way home.
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I would not worry about a license - they are inside cats. Just be sure you have all shot records with you for the new vet. I'd have to look up some vet clinics.

I'm not really familiar with that side of town for a vet, but know a few good friends with pets - will see them at the next cat show, so I'll ask them who they are using.
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