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Grooming license?

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I have been thinking about taking a course to become a licensed animal groomer over the summer. I thought it was a good idea, but anyone that I've told has acted like it's the silliest thing I've ever said. My mother actually told me that I need to "stop wasting time" and "aim a little higher". She and others have also acted like if I take the course I must be dropping out of school. I'm in college full time. I go to a top notch private school, and I love what I do. I just thought that grooming would be something I'd enjoy doing on the side for a few extra bux. Am I being irrational here? Cause I feel like I'm being shamed for wanting to be a "lowly" groomer or something.
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Some people would think that about any job unless it makes +200K a year, I know some of my family is like that. (and they are extremely mad at me for my choices)
And I know how you feel! I am in the process of getting accepted into a Dog Training Course and my family freaked out when they found out how much it was and that it was just for dog training.

if its what you want to do and you think it will make you happy then go for it! Its your life to live not theirs!
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I would also enjoy dog training. Maybe when I'm done with school. The grooming program is only 400 hours. Any training program I've seen takes much longer.
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http://animalbehaviorcollege.com/ is where I am looking at. Its going to be just under 3000 but my dad is all for it so I'm happy about that! But they say you can finish the program in around 40 weeks.
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