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I got the job!!

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I'm so excited! I applied for a veterinary assistant position and the interview went really well. They told me they'd call me Friday and let me know but they called today and said I got it! This is especially exciting because I'm looking into going to college to become a vet tech. Woo! It's just a trial period right now, while they make sure they like me. The pay is awful, less than I've made in years but if they decide they like me I'll get a little bit of a raise. I'm so happy! I really like scrub tops and I bought a few on ebay in anticipation but now I have to buy some new pants since they dont allow blue jeans and I'm not going to wear my nice non jean pants when I'm going to be exposed to blood and pee etc. I hate pant shopping, especially on such a tiny budget. But woohoo! I cant wait! Just had to share
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When do you start?
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Tomorrow, 10am!!
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So happy for you. I also had to get a job that seriously underpays, but everything else is ideal in the position. sometimes you can't have it all and that is okay. sometimes money costs too much. Enjoying my job is very important to me. Enjoy the job and remember all the good things about it!
Congrats again
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Congratulations! I know we all need money in today's world, but enjoying your job is so much more important.
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Woo-hoo!!! Wonderful news!!! Maybe a thrift store for the developmentally disabled will have some pants that would do - and at a good price You can ask to speak to the store manager & let them know and they most likely will drop the price - it isn't asking for charity - it's letting you keep badly needed $$ for your kitties
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