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I love kitty - but he REALLY loves me (sorry so long)

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I hope I'm not asking another question that's already been answered (tried to do my research before hand). I have a question about my cat's behavior and how to control it before I tear out the rest of my hair! But first of all a little background:

Jack is a 1 1/2 year old neutered male. My boyfriend gave him to me as a gift - he could fit in the palm of my hand and was abandoned at the college he attends ( brownie points for BF!) . I introduced him to my Ferret, YuYu, which went perfect b/c they played and became good friends with no signs of aggression. When my boyfriend moved into my apartment he brought along his 4 year old neutered male Tyger. Things were good then. .........soon though Satan began to channel his evilness through Jack

When I am gone (my boyfriend witnessing all this) Jack sits in the window and cries waiting for my return. Runs through the apartment at top speed knocking glasses off the counter where they are drying, literally climbs the door frame of the bedroom (latches his claws into the paint to gain height), knocks over the food and water dishes (poor carpet), drags YuYu around by her neck!, visciously attacks Tyger (who doesn't fight back at all), and claws the carpet (he has a cat tower/scratching post).

When I return he then follows me around the house and wont give me 2 minutes peace and quiet - even though I take over and hour to play with him. Jack literally stays within 1 foot of me no matter where I go. Visits the "ladies room" and he yells and strips paint from the door. If my boyfriend and I are snuggling on the bed he has to be between us. He runs back and forth in short bursts doing a quick "meow" - every lap he makes brings him closer and closer until one night his back paw actually scratched my nose!!

As for Jack's relationship with my boyfriend - NEUTRAL! The typical "oh your feeding me? good. I'm going to eat then resume my position in the window. You want to play? Nah not today Human. I rather play with Mom."

I try "content-um" drops from petco that is supposed to make him feel like he has a full belly - but I feel bad for drugging the cat! We have tried time outs in the bathroom by himself, spraying with water (which I know isn't recommended), sedative drops, feeding before bed to make him sleepy, and swatting the end of his nose (also i know not recommended)

I'm at my wits end! Will he grow out of this? I'm in an apartment (he refuses to wear a harness so he can go outside) and fear the noise he makes might get me evicted. I love him very much and dont want to give him away!! What can I do?

Again sorry so long.
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I woud say discussing this with your vet or even a cat behaviorist may be able to put you in the right direction.

I would make sure, while you are sorting this out, that YuYu and Tyger are kept safely away from Jack, when he exhibits this behavior, both of them could get seriously hurt, but its also jeopardizing the dynamics of their future relationship.

There are some natural calming tools on the market, to help calm cats that are experiencing stress. One is Bach's Rescue Remedy that is effective in calming most cats. There is also a product called Feliway, that memics a cats friendly pheromones, that has been effective in calming cats.

I hope you can find a solution to your problem in helping Jack, hopefully that solution will come soon. Good Luck to you and to Jack.
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