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Do you ever really forget?

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Almost 4 years ago, my silver devil became my silver angel. I miss you Gulliver in your travels
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Oh, Hissy, he is so cute! I wish they all could just grow old with us and live to be 70.
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Seeing his photograph, I can begin to understand what a void Gulliver's passing brought into your life. He is adorable; and he must have been such a buddy! We are so fortunate to have the honor of spending a few years in the company of such as Gulliver. I hope your heart heals in the warmth of the love you two eternally share.

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What a beautiful cat! I'm sure he was just as beautiful on the inside! How old was he when he crossed the bridge? I'd love to hear more about him, if that's not too painful for you to talk about.
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Gulliver was a very beautiful cat. Hold him in your heart and remember the good times. I know I will never forget the ones that I have lost in the past two years, Willy, Sarah, Zander, Benny, Andy and my beloved dog Thor. They will always live in my heart.

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One night at about 2:00 a.m. in Alaska, Mike and I were awakened by the phone. It was a friend of mine from school (I was in college then) and she was near hysterical. She had gone to a college party at one of the frat houses, and the drunken idiots had decided it would be a good idea to drown a mother cat and her 3 kittens (for a lark!) Jackie had managed to save the kittens, the mother was dead, and she had no idea what to do with the babies. We were in the middle of a nasty storm, but my hubby, bless his heart, drove me to Anchorage to pick up the precious cargo.

When we got home and unwrapped the package, there were three of the cutest babies I have ever seen. A black female, a black and white male and a silver tabby- not even 2 days old. They were wet and shivering, and I plugged in my high intensity lamp and we rubbed them briskly trying to get them to come back to life. I mixed up the formula and then it was feedings at 2 hour intervals, we brought in the whelping box, piled it high with soft cloths and plugged in pet heating pads to compensate for what they lost in body heat.

Over the course of the next few days, the female died but the two males thrived. Even before his eyes were opened, the silver tabby was always exploring, climbing up over the top of the box looking for Mike or myself, prompting us to name him Gulliver. His brother was named Norton, and they were two of the 5 animals that we took with us when we moved here to Oregon.

Gulliver and Nortie both, gave us such pleasure. Gulliver was 6 when he died. He had contracted a cold and it moved to his lungs and became pnuemonia and even though he was in an oxygen tent, they ultimately couldn't save him. Kind of ironic that the cold that he experienced in his infancy, turned out to be his demise.
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I'm sneaking a reply from work since I can't seem to reply from home anymore. What a beautiful story! You are so great to save these babies.

It's unfortunate something couldn't have been done to those frat folks. Someone should hold their heads in the toilet bowl and see how they like it!

How sad Gulliver had such a short life - what a beauty.
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Dear Hissy; What a prince Gulliver was. A Handsome, Intelligent, Loving PRINCE. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Also, thank you for truly knowing what I was going thru the other day when I got so upset about a stupid thing like losing a thread. . . . You helped me calm down and face the fact that the real problem is; I don't want my life to change o drasticaly, so soon. If it would be okay; I would like to tell you more about some of the things I have to face. If I could PM you. . . . ?

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Gulliver was a beautifull cat. Your wonderfull memories will keep him alive forever.
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I have big ears! =D
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You can never forget those you love. I am one that understands the meaning of losing a dear one(human or nonhuman). I am sure that Gulliver is remembering the day you saved him and loves you from Heaven. You can have several animals, but never forget them when they die because each had his or her way of loving you. He was a beautiful cat.
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When we first got Gulliver and Nortie, they were 2 DAYS old, not 2 weeks old. (Sorry my brain forgot). Mike read the post and pointed out the error and also came up with this photo. If you look really carefully you will see Nortie's nose peeking out.
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Norton is a very distinguished-looking and handsome fellow!

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Oh Hissy...what a doll you were to take on those tiny babies!! I would have tried to save them too! But you did such a great job!!! I know Gulliver is in heaven, and he probably has flavors of cat food up there, that the cats here on earth have no IDEA about!!!
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