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I've always had dogs and I've never really had a cat so Hades behavior is so different to me. He is a 1 1/2 year old siamese cat and he's not nuetered. Since he was a couple of months old he has walked around the house howling over and over why does he do this? Do all cats do this? Just wondering it is something My husband and I have always been curious about.
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I'm sure one of the administrators will get to you soon, so this is just from one cat person to another: have your cat neutered. It will improve his behavior and make him more content. If you need convincing on this there is plenty of data to research. He probably smells a pretty girl just outside the door and he's going nuts for very natural reasons. There certainly may be other things to do too, but this is the first, basic thing that needs attention. And Welcome!
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I thought Siamese are known for those voices. My friend's mom had six of them and they all howled.
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Aside from the behavioral issues--roaming, howling, spraying--and the possibility of his being responsible for unwanted kittens, he will be healthier for the operation.

I've posted this before, but it merits repeating. The impression I get is that most of the posters here are women, so I'll mention something unique to males---PROSTATITIS. If it is half as painful to male felines as it is to male humans, you will NOT want your boy kitty to go through it. There are only two ways for a male to avoid it--regular sexual activity and castration. (That is why it was formerly known as "the monk's disease.")
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Siamese are just noisy cats. Plus he's trying to call the ladies to come and see him. I'm sure neutering will reduce the howling a bit. But most Siamese will always howl.
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