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Question Of The Day, Wednesday - March 25th!

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Good morning everyone! Will spring ever start to show it's warm and sunny side? I'm dying to get outside and work in the garden, but it's only 42 °F, with a 70% chance of rain today!

Here's today's Question Of The Day!

Do you have a special recipe that you're 'famous' for? You know, the one that people say....ooohhh, bring 'x', it's sooooo good!!!

I have a yummy seafood and wild rice casserole that my co-workers love when I bring it to potlucks. I also get requests for my deep-dish raspberry pies. One of the gals that I work with has sons who raise hogs. She trades me the lard for the crusts, for pies and jam. I never realized how light and flaky a pie crust could be, until she gave me lard to use it it.
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Hmm not really famous for anything but when I'm home my family always insists I make enchiladas
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Pizza and mac and cheese
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I am a quiet person with not too many friends so I rarely make dishes for anyone other then my Boyfriend and myself and occasionally our family. The one thing I always make that everyone always asks for the recipe is my famous Greek salad. I make it differently to fit my tastes then any other Greek salad I have tasted.
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My butter and Onion Potatos. They are so bad for you but really simple to make. Oh and my Cranberry Walnut Apple Crisp.
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Mine is my baked chicken with fried bread at the bottom of rice and my lentil soup.
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In general I wouldn't serve what I cook to condemned prisoners, much less people I actually like.
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It's defnitely getting it's warm and sunny side here, and you can tell b/c we got our first tornadoes of the season a couple days ago. Fun!

I make these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that I make and a few people I know love them and ask for them. All they are, though, are a Better Homes and Gardens recipe with a couple tweaks like added cinnamon and nutmeg. Apparently I'm the only one that makes the correctly, though, of the people I know that have tried. Maybe it's my oven. *shrug*
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For me it is Black Forest Cake.

As a part-time job when I was in high school I would clean houses on weekends. One of the ladies I visited every Saturday morning was a elderly German lady who loved to bake. She taught me how to make the best Black Forest Cake.

Now whenever I am attending a family event I have to bring one.
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I'm always asked to bring my 'famous' Chuckwagon Beans (which is bsically a glorified version of baked-beans). I get lots of request for my sugar cookies, too.
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green bean casserole? seriously that's what I'm asked to bring to all family functions
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I too have a doctored up baked bean recipe that is a favorite. Also these crispy parmesan smashed potatoes.

But now that I work at a bread bakery I have to bring bread!
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I make a pretty good Apple Dump Cake - and I make it the easy cheater way. But everyone loves it.

Spray PAM in a round 9" baking dish
DUMP 1 large can of apple pie filling in
sprinkle with cinnamon
DUMP 1 box of Jiffy Yellow Cake Mix in
sprinkle with cinnamon
DUMP (semi-evenly) 1 stick of butter in
sprinkle with cinnamon
bake @ 350 for approx 1 hour

Serve hot or cold (but hot is best!)
Oh, and don't try to substitute any other cake mix brand. It just doesn't turn out right.
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They normally say to me - hey don't worry we've got enough food just bring yourself!

I'm pretty good at making Nachos and chocolate ice-cream though.
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Being only 19 I dont get much oportunities to cook "real" food. Although one year i made my chicken pot pie from scratch a few times with a 3 layered cake for dessert also from scratch, I hope people liked it
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Bacon wrapped honey mustard chicken tenders and my spaghetti with marinara and ground beef sauce.
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I make "Red Hot Apple Pie". It's an apple pie flavored with Red Hot candies. It even won an "Iron Chef" competition at work.
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