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Friends cat needs help !!

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My friend called me this am and said that last night she noticed her cat's head leaning to one side a bit but this morning her head is totally tilted to one side and she is having a hard time walking....she keeps falling ...and she won't eat anything....My first thought I told her was an inner ear infection....and I told her she needs to see a vet today....after we got off the phone I thought of other things...like a stroke but the cat is not even 4 yet....I told her to keep me informed ...I hope she take her to the vet .....I was wondering if anyone has an idea's ???
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I have no clue, but please urge her to take her to the vet immediately - she shouldn't wait at all.
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Vet...NOW! This doesn't sound good at all.
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I would tell your friend to get to a vet ASAP!!here are some info I found.

There are many causes for head tilt. Some of these include:

Ear infections or mites

Idiopathic (unknown cause)

Foreign bodies such as grass seeds

Head trauma

Ototoxic drugs (drugs that are toxic to the ear)

Punctured ear drum

Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)

Encephalitis (inflammation of the brain)


What to Watch For

A tilt of your pet's head to one side or the other

Redness or pain associated with the ear

Falling, circling, or rolling (usually toward the direction of the head tilt)

Nausea due to vertigo


Lack of appetite

Pain associated with chewing or opening the mouth.
I hope your friends cat is ok,and is feeling better soon.
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She lives across the street from me and her van has been gone for over an hr...I am assuming she is at the vets ...I'll update when I know more...

UPDATE: Seems to be an ear infection...thank goodness its not to serious...

Well after talking to her longer Oreo in fact has a vestibular disorder....and is sneezing..the vet said nothing he can do for her head tilt and falling all over....but gave antibotics for sneezing....after reading more seems it is very serious
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