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What are the first signs?

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Hi, all! New here. I have my very pregnant Lissi Doll, and I do not know when she got pregnant. The story behind that is, I just recently went through a divorce, and I had two cats that I could not take with me, so I asked my ex to hold onto them for me for a while, he grew tired of them and kicked them outside, low and behold, both of them got pregnant. My Cami Girl already had her 3 cute babies a little over two weeks ago, but I was not there for it. So, needless to say, I have no idea what to expect, and I'm wondering what are the first signs of labor? Thanks in advance!
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You might find some helpful information here:

All About Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery -
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I also have another question. Since my roommates are only allowing me to keep my cats here until after their kittens are weaned, and they have a cat of their own, I have to keep both of my cats in my room. I'm just wondering what, if any effect this will have on Lissi going into labor and delivering, with another cat and her babies in the same room. I don't have anywhere else I can put Lissi, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to do about that?

Here are links to pictures of Lissi. The date on the photo is obviously wrong.
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Aww! She's a real cutie!
Can you feel the kittens moving?How long has it been since you got her back from outside?
She doesn't look like she's gonna explode yet, but it all depends on how many kittens she'll have...
Good luck!
Keep us updated on how she is!
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A lot depends on how well your cats get along. I brought a pregnant stray in last summer and didn't have any problems with my other two girls when Goldy had her kittens. It never occurred to me to separate them.

Some cats actually like to raise their babies together, sharing the mothering tasks.

If you really think it's necessary to separate them, do you have enough space in your room to set up a large dog cage? You could keep one cat and her kittens in the cage (with food, water, litter box) and the other cat in the room.
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Well, I haven't really been able to hold my hand on her belly long enough to tell if the kittens are moving around or not, even though she absolutely loves me rubbing her belly, but to just hold my hand there, she is the kind of cat that can not hold Its been about 11 days since I picked them up, and even then, I could definitely tell she was pregnant.

Here are a couple of links to pictures of Cami and her babies.
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AWWWWW! Cami's babies are soooo cute!!! I love the little torti one!Sometimes if you watch her when she's lying down you can even see the little ones moving.
Good luck!
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