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Joint Care for Sebastian

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I have been worried that Sebastian doesn't climb or jump at all anymore. When he and Galahad are playing, Seb tends to seem weaker in his hips. He hasn't chased Daphne in months - used to be a favorite pastime for them.

So, asked the people at vet's, they sold me a tub of Synovi-feline for $20. It seems lovely but the dosage is a scoop twice a day. Welllllll, Seb says no way in heck! Won't take it in power form, won't take it mixed with wet food, won't take it with tuna juice (a rare treat).

Is there a glucosamine supplement that is small enough it can be hidden in a small amount of food as a powder or granules? Or a pill that can be dissolved and given in a syringe? I have to use the syringe for his Prednisolone. He is practically impossible to pill.

Looks like I'll be giving away Synovi on CL, too. Had to do that with the pill pockets as well
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I saw this on the net, and it seems to do wonders - it is apparently much better than glucosamine; I will be buying it for my mom for her arthritis: take a look:
It is for horses, but I researched and it's great for any animal, and humans too
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Here is the version for cats and dogs: Glucosamine helps the body to produce Hylauronic Acid; the only difference is that sometimes the body is not able to produce it enough, and in this case he would be taking it directly. Apparently vets are used to use it.
Of course talk to your vet about it....
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I give Callie Cosequin. It totally changed her life! She went from limping, not jumping, hardly walking, not playing to an almost normal gait, jumping around like she was 3 again (she's 13), and running and playing with her sister.

I buy it online in capsule form and break open the capsule and mix in her canned food, once a day. Sometimes I order from Drs. Foster & Smith, or from Entirely Pets, http://entirelypets.ecommerce-site-s...2Fnsearch.html . I usually have a code for savings at Entirely Pets, which is what I've been doing lately.
post #5 of 7 look up ligaplex : can be used by cat , dog , human ( I have used it on all three .. tastes yummy due to being organ based whole food ) a well studied and documented form of hylauronic acid .. also avail to human , cat and dog ( have used with great results in cats and dogs personally
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I'm not sure if any vet in your area has this, but I think it is definitely worth exploring. Recently, many veterinary practices have begun using therapy lasers. It's a low beam (low watt/power, whatever term is correct, :-P) that can be used from anything from post surgical care, abscesses, and arthritis! It reduces inflammation greatly and improves mobility like you wouldn't believe!!! It's fairly inexpensive, especially considering it's effectiveness. *shrugs* Not sure if that's something that would interest you, but nonetheless there ya go. As far as the medical route... Dasaquin/Cosaquin is usually pretty well tolerated mixed in with food. But sounds like you've got a picky baby....
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Here's a link on a post I made on this subject in Jan. 2009.

We are still using this product.
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