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Sak Question

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Today was the first day i ever been so close to a cat or any animal give birth, i was scared and had to call my sister over, being as she had the first one on the kitchen floor and just left it for a minute or so cause it's her first time and she is inexperienced,

i'm waiting for instincts to kick in, she has had 6 and only a couple of them are no longer attached to their sak's, she hasn't aten her sak and there attached by the umbilican cord still...it creates a tangle...what's up with this?...will she get to it when she rests?..it been a few hours now?...
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I would sterilize a small pair of scissors and cut the umbilical cord a couple inches away from the belly button area. That will free the placentas. Are the kittens nursing??
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all but one are nursing, one that doesnt have it attached but was the last born is awfully weak and i tried helping it find a nipple even tried removing a healthy fatter kitten away from one but the weaker ones head just keeps floppin down, I myself am inexsperienced but i try placing her near the mothers head and she keep it warm, but when i try placing it around to get a nipple i find her later sleeping in a ball at the other kittens bottoms, im teffified of it dying but im fraid it will tonight possibly, probably, and thats a sitution im terrified of, i wouldnt know what to do and it scares me to think of picking it up hrd and cold after feeling it warm and alive yet weak...grr...i feel worse for the mom having to loose a baby though
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for tonight only, can you wrap her around in a cloth to warm her up? Since it is too late to go out to buy formula, try to give her some milk with an eye-dropper. Tomorrow you can then go to a pet store and buy some KMR and a little bottle, in case you need to bottle feed him.
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I'm a little late coming to this thread. For Goldy I had to cut two of the cords after a couple of hours. She never did eat the last two placentas.

How are the babies doing? Is the mother cat feeding them?
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