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What Comes Around Goes Around

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Thursday, May 29
Wildlife Commission Regional Director Offends Advocacy Group

The Associated Press
Published: May 28, 2003
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) - A regional director for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said he may lose his job after he was accidentally recorded referring to a national advocacy group that promotes a way to manage feral cat populations as "crazies."
Dennis David apologized for his remarks and told The Florida Times-Union that he expects to be counseled or disciplined about the incident.
"I could be suspended or dismissed," he said.
David, a 29-year veteran of the commission and head of its 14-county Northeast Region based in Ocala, made the remarks last week after leaving a message on the telephone answering machine of Alley Cat Allies in Washington.
The seven-member commission began a three-day meeting Wednesday in Kissimmee. The final item on its agenda for Friday's session is a review and consideration of the commission's feral cat policy.
David called Alley Cat Allies to confirm that a representative of the group would speak at Friday's session. However, after leaving the message, David failed to disconnect his phone and continued a conversation with a man in his office, identified as Dwayne Carbonneau, a field biologist for the commission.
"Should I wear my uniform when I'm shooting these neighborhood cats?" Carbonneau asked.
"Only after we adopt this policy," David replied with a laugh.
Becky Robinson, national director of Alley Cat Allies, said the recorded remarks raise questions about the commission's bias on the eve of a public debate about the feral cat policy.
Feral cats are the offspring of domesticated cats which have reverted to a wild state. Alley Cat Allies is one of the groups that advocate a trap-neuter-return program as a way to humanely achieve a long-term population reduction.
The commission is expected to vote on a plan Friday to prohibit the release, feeding or protection of cats. The commission says feral cats pose a danger to protected wildlife and are proposing a policy of eradicating them on public lands.
Alley Cat Allies has provided the commission with evidence that it believes proves trap-neuter-release programs reduce feral cat populations.
"We had already made the request that the commission postpone taking action on its proposed policy toward feral cats until after an unbiased scientific study is done," Robinson said.
"In light of these disparaging comments by two state government employees, we believe it is absolutely essential that an independent study untainted by preconceptions and based solely on science be conducted before the commission votes."
Commission executive director Kenneth Haddad said the remarks made by David and Carbonneau "do not reflect the viewpoints or opinions" of the commissioners or their staff.
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I hope he does loose his job! What an %$@#*!

I hope the city commission is willing to open their minds to what Alley Cat Allies has to say. But...remember what happened in Akron Ohio, where the commissioners laughed about killing pets, strays and ferals.

Keeping my fingers crossed.
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if more people pulled together and did a fix and release program the problem would be under control.
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I agree, I hope the jerk looses his job. What a heartless thing to say! I just cannot understand how grown, seemingly intelligent adults can possibly find humor or pleasure from mass killing of cats. Yet we see it all the time, and for some reason most people don't think twice about it. After all, they are "just cats."
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i don't know now anyone can look at a cat and see "just some cat" cats are such amazing and speical animals!
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There are too many people out there who think of them as vermin. We don't need it from the people who are supposed to help make the decisions about what to do about this problem that people created in the first place.

MA - I sure hope you're right. I hope "what goes around comes around" and these people get what's coming to them.
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Hmmm...so how does that guy feel about mountain lions? I believe they are native to USA. I could be wrong, (I'm not too crash hot with details of this kitty cat).

So if what comes around goes around...does that mean that the mountain lions could be holding a meeting about their protectors? Could get interesting.

And about the two government officials, they should have their posts terminated and the incident recorded permanently. The plight of animals should not be in the responsibility of "crazies".
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