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? about Keller's labor

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I also posted in the pregnant cat forum but I am freaking out and wondered if you had any suggestions. Keller came out of the litter box with a bag protriding from her vulva. I assumed it was a kitten. After 30 minutes I panicked and pulled at it. There was no kitten in it, just fluid. Is this normal? I called the vet and am waiting for a call back.
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Sounds like the placenta that was attached and would normally come out after the kitten is born. Keep her confined. Hopefully she didn't have the kitten and you can't find it.

Make her stay in the kittening box and sit with her. She's in active labor.
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She is in her bed now, resting. She didn't have a kitten. She went into the box just fine and came out with the bag showing. I sure hope she is OK.
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Any other fluids coming out of her right now?
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Nothing. She is making some squeaky meows but nothing else. She is just laying there. The vet said to giver her another hour and then bring her in.
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I hope she will be ok.
I would think there would be contractions by now.
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Sorry I'm late coming to this thread. That's the plug - it sometimes can take a few hours before it comes out. It normally looks like a bubble just going in and out.

Any updates?
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Look in the kitten section.
The update is not good.
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