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Yesterday News cat litter question

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I bought a bag of Yesterday News cat litter (http://www.yesterdaysnews.com/) for our cat.

Yesterday News is similar to Feline Pine in that it's a pellet but instead of compressed pine it's compressed recycled newpaper made into pellets. I got tired of all the dust from clay litter products but the nice thing about clay is that it's "clumpable" and easy to clean out everyday -- whereas Yesterday News and Feline Pine are not.

My question is, how do you clean out the litter box to get a cat's urine waste? The poop is easy to get out but the urine is hard to find other than the pellets start to dissolve over a few days but that means I can't get the pee out of the box everyday like I can with clumpable clay.

What are your thoughts, please?
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I use yesterdays news with all of the kittens that come through here!I like the fact I just put a thin layer and empty and clean it as I go.I am afraid of the clumping litter with the lil ones.I think it is a great litter,but more time consuming than clay litter (but the price makes it worth it).
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I use it also with 5 cats.
Feel it part way and it will be fine.
i like it better then feline pine because I am allergic and so is Coco.
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Jake wasn't crazy for it...He kept stepping in poop because it doesn't make it fully dry in a timely fashion so he had dirty paws all the time...Its' very healthy though.
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When I was using feline pine (stopped, as Lucky hated it and started peeing on the rug), I bought this litter pan, and it worked great. It has a grid and a second pan in the bottom. You shake the pan, and the dissolved pellets fall through the grid, making it super easy to clean. Since it has a second tray, you immediately move the top tray (grid) to the unused tray, and are free to clean the dirty one and replace it in the bottom. I know Feline Pine has a similar tray also, but it's more expensive, and hard to find.
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Thank you everyone for the good information. I appreciate it. Our cat doesn't seem to mind the pellets so we'll see how it goes.
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