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Latest feral trapped!

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We've had a beautiful light grey tabbie hanging out at our house for the last three or four weeks. He has 4 white feet and it looks like someone hit him with a powder-puff in the face...the center of his face is completely white, including his nose! I've never seen a cat with a truly white nose!

I caught him yesterday in my humane trap, and he is at the vet this morning being neutered and vaccinated. Yippee!

For now...there is just one more to trap, but he has not been tricked into the trap yet. Hopefully soon.
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wow you are doing awesome!! I still have sherbert, leo, that big black cat that I think belongs to someone and that big white kitty I see wondering to trap All of them haven't been stopping by much but hopefully i will be able to trap them soon!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! KNOCK ON WOOD - we have not seen any new cats OR KITTENS around this year! There was one pregnant female late this winter... and we knew she was around. She was mom to Thanksgiving, Magic and Munchkin (all adopted out ). We'd never been able to trap her.

I feel terrible, because something MUST have happened. We really should have seen her or ANY of her kittens by now if they had survived.

You're not allowed to have cats in this RV Park, but it turns out a neighbor down the way who pulled in several weeks ago has an indoor/outdoor kitty. (Sssshhhhhh! We won't tell ). We ALMOST trapped it, but then noticed it always ran towards that one trailer. We first told the gentleman that we trap the ferals around here to have them spayed and neutered, and if they're young enough to find them homes.... and then he knew he didn't need to be afraid of us. He "owned up." It is his cat, and she is spayed. At least he says so. But I'm pretty sure there aren't any un-neutered males around here... we might have got them all. ???? Surely last winter any newcomers in need would have turned up.

Cross your fingers!
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Ok Renae now get over here and trap Orange Crush! He won't fit in a trap--LOL I had to order a larger size!

Congrats on trapping one, good luck with the other.....
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Mary Anne, when are we going to see a picture of his monster? Please, please!
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