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Trouble losing weight

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My cat was put on Sceince Diet RD and she lost 1-lb. in 10 months. I thought that wasn't good enough, so I researched foods and decided to put her on mostly canned food, I bought Wellness, which is an excellant food. I fed her 1/2 of a 5.5 can, and also 1/4 cup of chicken soup for the soul hard per day. She gained 2-lbs in a month and a week. Now I'm back to square one, very frustrated and upset with myself. Need help, I'm going crazy.
Thanks, Ruth
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If you read through these threads, there is a fair bit of discussion about weight loss in cats. Hissy's advice was to talk to your vet about what to do.

My vet recommended two feedings of wet food per day, that is 1/2 of the 5.5 oz tin in the morning and night, or one tin each of the smaller size. And she recommended diet formula wet food. She also said that the Royal Canin slim is very good food, but just as a treat. So I put out about 1/3 of a cup every day, between two cats.

They appear to be eating less food in total volume, and they don't panic when the dish is empty like they used to.

But talk to your vet. You should also make sure there is nothing else wrong causing the weight gain.

Mine gained weight because they are lazy and they are competitive eaters, if one has something to eat, the other joins in.
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I was feeding her about the same measurements as you did, except mine wasn't canned diet. My cat is lazy too. I am thinking of putting her back on the RD. I am totally confused and disqusted. The vets that I have recommend Science Diet RD for weight loss and I know that takes almost a year or two. How much weight did your loose on canned, in what time frame?
Thanks for your help.
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Im having the opposite problem my kitty wont eat?? lol ( not the preggo one!! ) Well she eats but not that much and I've noticed weight loss..?? She was geing a little big in the stomach but shes a little under weight now?? I dont know what to do?? It's like my kittys understand human language whenever my sisters call my kittys fat.. (they are not! they are wayy to skinny .. IMO.. Oh and immediatly afterward I kill my sister lol ) they dont eat as much? is it common for a kitty to understand humans? or is it just they get into heat and the dont eat as much lol. ( thats basically what I've noticed lol they are in heat when they get skinnier and eat less lol)

Well they are getting spayed soon.. ( July 16th.. its the soonest the doc could reschedule the spay jobs.. we had to cancel because princey got pregnant..)

Maybe a few walks outide would be good for kitty?? it worked for my grandmas cats!
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The best thing to help kitty lose weight in to get her interested in play. Just like with humans, she needs to exercise to lose it. Spend extra time playing interactively with her. A few other tips I've seen on here: put her food up high so she has to jump up on something to get to it (gets her moving), make a game out of feeding - sit down with her on the floor and toss pieces of kibble to her so she will chase after it to eat, definitely make it part of your daily routine to include at least 10-15 minutes of interactive play (the more the better). With the interactive play, if she is really obese and out of shape start slowly with it. When you see she is getting winded, take it down a notch and give some cuddles and loves and tell her what a good girl she is. Praise the heck out of her when she plays with you, and especially if/when she plays on her own.
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It is quite dangerous for cats to go on crash diets. If they lose weight, it should be under vet supervision, and it should not be all at once. It has to be a gradual loss or else their internal organs can get all screwed up. I would suggest you perhaps train her to a harness and take her outside after she adapts? Buy a natural tree scratching post and see if her natural instinct to climb is engaged. Most indoors cats sleep because there is little else for them to do- so if she is getting fat, instead of cutting back food, just keep her on the same portions (if they are reasonable) and increase her activity level. Cat ramps on the walls are a good motivator for cats to jump and play, good solid cat condos, a toy attached to a regular fishing pole, there are many ways to engage her brain and get her active. Don't get mad at her for eating and gaining weight. If all you did was eat and sleep, think of all the weight you would gain as well?
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I had her on RD for 10 months and she lost 1-lb. The vet said for her to use it. I am not happy with the ingredients. As far as her playing, she is lazy. I have two cat trees, as her mother lives here also. They don't play together anymore. I do leave her out and supervise, they go out when I do, and I watch them. When I try to play with her feather toys she lays on her back and just paws them. So much for exercise. This is a strange case, I just would like her to loose weight and be more active.
Thanks for your help,
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First of all, you need to follow your vets advice. How big is your cat, 1 pound could be fairly significant as a percentage of body weight. And losing instead of gaining is progress. If you vet recommended something, and it works, although slowly, I would not be in such a hurry to change that.

I don't know how much, in any, mine have lost. They only started about a month ago.

Sam is lazy, he will also not move to play, I have to take the toys to him. But he does like walking outside on the leash, so I take him out a lot in nice weather, and he gets exercise and stimulation from that. I also got a second cat, with the idea that he would have more to entertain himself. That works too, they wrestle all the time, and he plays a lot more, doing things to copy Bailey.

I would suggest that you go back to your vet, and if you are interested in a canned food diet, ask about that. And do what the vet recommends.
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