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Do you ever use this expression????

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"I could KILL so-and-so!"??? (I do, I'm afraid! ) If you do use that expression, do you think there's ANY circumstances under which you could actually do such a thing????????????
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Yes, I use it, perhaps more casually than anyone should in this day and age...

There are times I could say it and mean it. If I witnessed someone harming a child or animal, for instance. In self defense, absolutely.
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I think its normal to say it, but one has to be careful because it can be used against you in the event something happens. Sad isnt it?
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I've used it quite a lot recently towards my new puppy; but I know I could never actually do anything. I even feel guilty when I tell him off and he looks at me with those pleading brown eyes
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Hmmm...well I have used it and recently about my neighbours. (See my post in feral colonies).

But I would only cause the death of another human being in self defence and I felt my life was greatly endangered.
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Guilty as charged.....In the past 2 days alone, I have mentioned that I wanted to wring a co-worker's neck, and I thought seriously about beating the snot out of some idiot who caused a bad car accident that I witnessed/was semi-involved in last night.
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I do it all the time! I know i shouldn't say things like that but I sure do not mean it! I don't think i could ever kill someone...unless they were attacking someone I loved... I still don't know if i could kill them but i could hurt them!
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I keep threatening to sell the dogs, to a Vietnamese restaurant, when they get too rambunctious.

As for killing someone, to defend myself or someone close to me - YES! The instinct for self-preservation is very strong. Killing is a last resort - if I can hold the malefactor, at gunpoint until law enforcement arrives, I will.
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I have used this expression for years, but have recently been trying to remove it from my vocabulary. I have heard of people getting into serious trouble, just using it as an expression in anger or frustration. Apparently some jurisdictions take that seriously enough to arrest people just for saying it.
katl8e, that is so funny that you tell your dogs you are going to sell them to a Vietnamese reataurant. I tell my cats I am am going to find them a nice Chinese family when they make me mad.
Yes, I could kill someone tho protect myself, or someone I love.
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You guys are so funny.

I am guilty as well. My dsh loves to push things off the table. Mostly glasses with koolaide still in them. I think she loves the "activity" it causes.
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I used to use it more, but since 911 I've actually been more careful about it. I now actually stop at "I could just k...." I wouldn't be able to do it unless it's my ex and he approaches my kids. Then yes, I would kill the man because I know what he's capable of. (He's the one that attacked me.)
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I thought I'd post what I've change this expression to:

They should be drawn and quartered!

I use that expression a lot, actually, because I like the thought of someone who deserves it getting that done to them, it's unique, and it's obvious that I'm not going to do anything (I'd have to find 4 horses and good sturdy rope and it's take more than just me to set it up). It's also nice and medieval (my specialty in English).
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I try not to use anything like those terms. I am generally a non-violent person. I don't believe in an eye for an eye. I don't believe in war. I believe in the Do unto others. If I want to irritate my hubby I threaten to Divorce him, but then say -nope not gonna happen, that will let you off the hook to early. The cats get, if you don't behave, I'll give you to that mean family with the big dog next door.
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I also try not to use that phrase, but when I do it means I'm REALLY ticked off at someone. I have a bad temper, and literally see red when I'm very angry. That's when I'll say "I could kill so-and-so". Usually, if someone is just being stupid and annoying I say "So-and-so needs to be smacked with a smart stick".

I'm not sure I could kill anyone, but I can imagine doing it to protect myself, my family, or my friend's children. And, if anyone EVER hurt Ivo I'd put them in a whole world of hurt.
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