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OMG OMG OMG I HAVE A BLACK CAT....and it's not the kitten READ!!!!

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I dropped my hubby off at work and i get home and the phone is ringing. And he says come back quick!! There is a friendly all black kitty at work! It looks like it is 6 monthes old!! So I rush there and sure enough solid black with gold eyes Purrs really really lound. So kitty is in my bathroom right now because i have to go to work. Gave him/her lots of food and water and some litter. I'll post a pic tonight and find out wither it is a girl or boy. I'm thinking of naming this kitty whiskers And we STILL might be getting the little blank kitten

I'm so happy I started getting teary eyed when i saw a black paw reaching out of the carrier
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YAY!!! Oh Val, I am so happy for you!

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and thank you guys soooooooooooooooooooooo much for the black kitty vibes!!!! you guys are AWESOME!!!!
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here is a pic!!!! Don't mind the bathroom floor that is from ashton throughing little pieces of the vanity all over I was going to clean good tonight.
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Aww he is so sweet!

I love black kitties!
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she/he has food on there face
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Looks like someone was hungry!

Is the kitty friendly? Can you pick her/him up?

Now I just need some Abyssinian cat vibes...
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yep hubby was holding the kitty for about a half an hour until I got there. And it was purring the whole time Hopefully moe and neo will get along with the kitty! Can't wait until tonight! now if my tummy cramps would just go away today would be a good day
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Can I borrow your husband for a week or 2 so that maybe I can get another kitty??? You are so lucky!! He sounds like a beauty...Black Beauty is what I would name him...I like Whiskers too though..Congrats!!!
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I guess hubby redeemed himself for allowing the other kitty to escape from the carrier! I'm glad you got you rblack kitty.
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What a pretty kitty!! I'm glad you FINALLY got your black kitty, Val. With all those black cat vibes you'll be overrun in no time! LOL
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See what happens when we send vibes! He is a beauty all right!
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I love cat site vibes they always work so well!
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I love black cats! I don't want to put a damper on your joy, Val, but wouldn't it be best to call the shelters and put an ad in the paper, just in case kitty has a family desperately looking for him? There might be an ad in the paper for him. For your sake, I hope no one has reported her missing, but just in case....

Black cats have always found me. Almost every black cat I've had has been abandoned as a baby on our property. I've had black cats since I was a little girl. I have two Siamese now, but I have no doubt someone will drop off a black kitty here. It seems inevitable.

I hope all works out for the best! I'd be really excited too.
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if i it was found anywhere else I would but hubbies work is over run with cats. There are sooooo many strays there and people dump cats there all the time. It is on a very very busy road and there aren't really any houses around there. The kitty is very skinny and covered in ticks. So i think it is safe to say it is mine which reminds me i get to pull of tons of tick tonight kitty will be going to the vet on thrusday
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I'm so happy for you-AND the kitten! Bless its little heart. It's purring, and has never had a real home.
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Another cute kitty for you! Glad the Vibes Worked!
{{{HUGS}}} , , Sam
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That is really great about this kitten. But please don't pull the ticks off with tweezers or any other way. If not pulled just exactly right, the head can become disengaged, leaving it inside the kitten and causing some horrible problems. Instead, get a pair of tweezers, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some q-tips, and a small jar. Pour some rubbing alcohol in the jar, set it aside, then take your q-tip, dip it in the alcohol and place the q-tip directly on the tick. The tick will become agitated and raise it's head out of the kitten- once it does, grasp it gently with the tweezers and stick it in the jar of alcohol.

I would encourage you to get a vet appointment as soon as possible. Sooner than Thursday- these ticks can draw an awful lot of blood out of this kitten, and she could be highly anemic now and be in great danger depending on how many ticks she has. Also ticks like to burrow down into the ears of feral kitties, they crawl in when the cats are asleep. Your vet needs to remove those quickly as well.

Good luck!
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sounds good hissy! I forgot that about ticks. I used to just pull but i will do it that way. I'm going to give my vet a call and see if they have anything sooner. There appointments always fill up so fast! We are going to be watching kitty very close and if anything looks funny over the weekend we will go right to the kitty er.
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Yay for you and the kitty!
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Woohoo! Congratulations on your newest addition, Val. Hope (s)he gets a clean bill of health from the vet.
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