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ANNOUNCEMENT - I'm expecting

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Not a two legged critter but a four legged one. I fell in love with Sandie's new baby and since Rene posted about the sister being up for adoption, I decided to go and check out her website and fell in love instantly. She reminded me of my first kitten. Her name is going to be Sugar and I will be taking her home when I go back for a show in September. Just wanted to share with my cat family.

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Sugar could not go to a better home! Congrats!
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AHA...you sucker you!! She's a doll too. I have already cuddled her:tounge2: Frannie, are you sure you can wait until Sept. I think you need to come for the August show and come see us!!
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Sandy, you're right but hubby may come to the Tampa show and we need to save money if he does come as we have to pay his airfare and other stuff. Besides, some of us are going to Disney so all the savings will help. I wish I could come in August because I miss you all but I will be at the Jersey show in September.

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Hey I suggested Sugar for Sandie's kitten! I win....sort of! lol
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Hey Fireshoes I didn't realize that. In my book, you win. She's absolutely adorable and you can check her out on Rene's site. Her name use to be Chasity but I wanted Sugar so that's it.

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Way to go! It's wonderful, that you're giving a kitten a home!


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Great news!!! There's one more lovely baby that's found a loving home.
Sometimes I wish I could afford two kitties....
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I didn't see this thread before I posted on Sandies but anyway... Congrads on the new addition. She is just beautiful.

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This is Sugar everyone. You can't see it in the pic, but she has a little black spot on the top of her head.
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Okay All, Rene has decided that she wants to compete with our kittens at the show. She is going to keep this little doll. I guess she thought white was going to be overdone..hehe
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Congratulations! You guys are so funny. VERY competitive. These cat shows should be interesting. I just wish I could go to Tampa with you. But funds and time off are very tight right now with my nephew's wedding coming up in July. Those kittens are precious! I love the black ones. Especially the two tigers Jerry and Michele.


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Oh thank you Sandie for posting a picture of Sugar. She's precious. I told Rene last night that she was going to keep the smoke as she won't be able to let her go and the two others stay within the show group. I knew she'd keep her. Again, thanks and feel free to keep taking pictures of her and posting. This way I can see her grow up until she comes home.

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Oh Frannie! Sugar is adorable! I swear she looks exactly like my male kitten, snowball, except his fur sticks out about two inches all over his furry little body!!!!!! The grey kitty is cute too Rene!
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