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Help for cat

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I found a very friendly but skinny calico kitten with a bad eye infection rummaging the dumpster late last May at Ellis Pecans in Vienna, GA. If I could catch her I could have her, I was told. I bought a carrier and actually did capture her but she was nursing kittens. Just because I wanted another cat I could not part her from her babies. I've enlisted the aid of Best Friends in UT, Alley Cat Allies and a GA cat rescuer, but all I've been told is that "she's disappeared." My husband went down thru Atlanta last month but got the same answer: the pecan people are too busy to answer my requests.

Please, is there a S.O.S. member in the Vienna, GA or Northern Florida area who could take another look for me? The area is quite rural and doen't have any humane society, nor will other county's human societies go there. The calico is really very sweet and needs rescuing. I'm willing to fly down from Chicago in order to get her. The pecan people also had a Morris and a white feral on their property, possibly my waif's parents. Thanx!
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Welcome to the forums aileurophile,

I do hope you'll get some help! We don't have that many members yet, so I'm not sure you'll get anyone here that can help. Never hurts to try though.

Please join us in the other forums as well, I'm sure you've got plenty to share about your other cats.

Thanks for joining us and best of luck with the calico - I do hope this will have a happy ending. Who knows, maybe she has already been adopted by another good hearted person?
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