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RIP Red and Frannie

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We sadly lost 2 of our furkids since December.

Red (who had just moved in with us this past summer with my niece (he was about 10 - 11 yrs old)from kidney failure about a week before Christmas.

And we lost Frannie (she was 14 years old) at the end of February from a suspected sinus tumor and failing kidneys as well.

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Diane, I'm so sorry to hear of both of your losses.

I was so sad to see Frannie's picture in your post. I always loved her sweet little face. It is so feminine and precocious. She was one of my silent favorites on the site.

I wish you, and your niece, and all of your family peace during this difficult time.
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I'm sorry to hear of two losses so close together.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, babies
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I am so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace, Red.

Rest in peace, Frannie.
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I'm so sorry about the loss of your cats. Rest in Peace Red and Frannie.
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condolences on your sad losses. Play happily over the Bridge, Red & Frannie - be sure to give our dear HopeHacker some headbutts for us
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Diane, no wonder we haven't seen you lately I am SO sorry for your losses RIP Red & Frannie
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your furbabies. They were both absolutely adorable and my thoughts are with you during this hard time.
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Really so sorry to heard that Diane.........
My deep condolences...
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Diane i'm so sorry It's so awful to lose one baby never mind two

Have fun at the bridge you angels, and keep watching down on your mum

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Thanks so much everyone.
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