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Sad day for my teenage cat

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Well I don't visit this site much......the first time was in 05......and then almost a year later when my cat lost a struggle with lung issues.

After Jazz passed away, I swore I'd never get another animal. I didn't ever want to be in a position where I had to make such a difficult decision again.

For about a year I've been fostering cats. I found a vet that takes in cats and finds them homes. He is across the street from animal control, and very often saves a cats life.

I was watching a little tabby a few months ago, and when it was time to take her back I just had to keep her. I just made it official a few weeks ago.

Well in unrelated news, my parents have been out of the country. I went to feed their cats today and one of them wasn't being herself. I called their vet and they had me bring her in....turns out she is really sick. She had a lot of fluid in her so she couldn't breathe very well. They drained about 100ccs.....most of it blood. She is doing a little better, but very marginal. I'm sitting at my parents house waiting for their flight to get in....they'll probably have to say goodbye to their/my cat of 17 years tomorrow.

I know you are all very close to your cats here. If you could just keep Puffball in your thoughts tonight.....would be much appreciated.
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Many and heart felt prayers for your Puffball.
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I'm so sorry. Puffball will be in my prayers.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. You, your family, and Puffball will be in my prayers.
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Thanks guys!

It was pretty painful when we first got home....she was meowing in pain. But after a few hours we laid on the landing together until my parents got home......she was purring the entire time.

They'll most likely put her down tomorrow.....I'm so sad to see my mom lose her first pet....but I'm glad that they got to say good bye. I'll always remember that cat.....she was my "childhood" pet.

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So sorry this is happening.
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I'm leaving now to go to my parents house and say goodbye. The vet said its time.....if they wait she could die a painful death by not being able to breathe.

Thanks for all the good words.
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So sorry about your parents cat.
Do they know what caused all th fluid and blood?
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Aww how sad.....I wish they could live longer but 17 is pretty good I think..your mom's cat looks so much like my Whiskers that was put down a year and a half ago...she was going on 17....too...Again I am sorry
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I am so very sorry. It is so difficult and sad when a loved one must go ahead. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
So sorry about your parents cat.
Do they know what caused all th fluid and blood?
No.......they said it could be a number of things. With her age and the amount of blood they believe it to be cancer....but it could be so many things as old as she is. They were going to send of the blood work, but whatever it would be terminal...and she wasn't doing well.

I kind of wish I hadn't taken her to the vet because it almost seems like it speed up her decline. I think the car ride and the treatment was really hard on her. But I've got to imagine that if I hadn't taken her she might have been suffering for a long time and we wouldn't have known.

I went over to my parents and she was sitting in one of her favorite spots. My parents said she'd been meowing in pain, but when I got there she just purred as I gave her a few final strokes on the head. I left before she starting meowing again.....I didn't want to remember her that way.

It is sad when you loose somebody thats been around so long...but 17 years is a good life for a cat.

Thanks to all of you for the good wishes.
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So sorry about Puffball.
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I'm so sorry about Puffball. It's never easy, but she will be spared the pain and allowed to die with dignity. I hope her passing was easy.
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Sorry to hear about that, it is NEVER easy to come to that point. I was "there" myself in the fall of 2005 with our 14 year old Mitzi, a torti-tabby.

We got her from a shelter, about as young as she could be and be on her own. For 14 years we kept and looked after her; I know how tough it is to come to a point where there are no more choices. In our culture, big, old 6' -3" guys that ride motorcycles...etc. are supposed to just "suck it up" but that was a very difficult day.

As time passes, I find myself remembering the good things (and funny things) that happen in her lifetime, I hope you can find that state too, in time.
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