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Kitten's grooming habits

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Greetings all!
My kitten Rowdy came to us when he was only five weeks old. He was a bit of a rescue case and that was the reason for the early separation. He is come along nicely during the time we have had him but he seems to have difficulty grooming his bottom. I don't know if it is youthful klutziness or what but everytime he throws his leg up he rolls over on his back. Occasionally, his stool is a little loose ( which I believe may be an overly rich diet, I am modifying that without sacrificing any essential nutrients) so it can get alittle messy. Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated.
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How old is he?

My first cat Russell was a bit of a klutz at cleaning his bottom. I got him at 11 weeks. But he kept trying until he found the right mojo and got his balance. In my case it was definitely 'youthful klutziness'.

Are you always watching him when he's cleaning himself? He may be successful in some cases. If he isn't at all, you may want to take him to the vet for a check up to see if there are any skeletal or muscle problems.
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My 2-1/2 yr old cat now does well at cleaning her bottom but I thoought she was never going to do so. When younger she didn't seem to even realize she should be doing this. I've always attributed that to the fact that she is an only cat & was taken from her mom & siblings when only 5 weeks old. So she never had an example to observe of what she should be doing. She was about 2 yrs old before she finally got things figured out!
Your kitty will probably do well as she matures also. Good Luck
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Rowdy seems to be doing a bit better now. He's not perfect but like your cats I got him at an early age. I was afraid to leave him where he was because I genuinely feared if I waited wntil he were three or four months old he might not have been around for me to collect. Thanks for the posts. Have a look at my multi-cat post (do a search on my user name)as I would appreciate your opinions. Many thanks.
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Glad it is straightening out for Rowdy, he sounds like a character!
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See my post at "Hyperactive Kitten'.
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