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Cat not eating

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I am taking my cat to the vet tomorrow because she has not eaten anything since Saturday morning. They didn't have any openings today, otherwise we would have taken her today. She ate Saturday morning and then threw up later that afternoon. She has refused to eat and hasn't even shown any interest in food. This is the cat that would eat the entire bag if we let her! I was just wondering if anyone on here has had experience with their cats not eating and if there is anything I should look for or ask the vet. I'm a little worried because my boyfriend and I are on a tight budget. I'm really hoping its not anything serious. Please send some good vibes our way.

Edit: I thought I would mention, she just turned 2.
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This could be nothing....... or it could be VERY serious.

The vet will probably want to run bloodwork, let them..... liver enzymes will tell you if this is serious. Check the colour of your cats skin (by the ears is the best) if it's yellow you need to get food in your cat ASAP! It may have "fatty liver syndrome". You can look this up for more information, even google it in the search, there are threads about it on this forum. If this is the case post here, there will be tons of advice and this can be overcome.... your cat will need forcefeeding.... don't worry yet though, but if you've noticed the cat stopped eating it's good you're going to the vet.

Good luck and I'll be keeping a close eye for more posts! My cat had fatty liver syndrome and the only initial signs were not eating and throwing up....
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An update:

We took Georgie to the vet and she couldn't find anything physically wrong with her. They ran some blood work and today the vet called and said it came back clean. When we were at the vet, she gave us some prescription pet food to see if Georgie would eat it. Yesterday night, Georgie seemed interested in the food, which is an improvement because she didn't want anything to do with is before. She ate a very small amount of the food and she started drinking some water. This morning she didn't want any food but she did drink more water and this evening she drank some more water and we gave her some of the prescription food, watered down and administered through a syringe. She didn't fight it and almost all of it went down. The best part is, shes kept it down for a couple hours now. She also ate a greenie treat, which really surprised me. So, it looks like shes getting back to normal. We are keeping an eye on her and giving updates to the vet but, as of right now she seems to be on the mend.

Unfortunately, we don't know what caused it and we may never know.
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So glad to hear this update! Keep feeding treats and forcefeeding if necessary!

Try also smelly tuna juice or other treatt ype things that might entice him to keep eating, once they start they start feeling better and it snowballs back to your normal kitty!

You can even try pouring some tuna juice on the prescription food and see if that helps!

Good luck and keep it up! You'll probably never know why he stopped eating, the joy of kittycats
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Good to hear Georgie is improving!!
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