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Anyone ever have a neutered male spray?

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I'm curious under what conditions if so.
Mine was neutered at 20weeks, has never used the behavior his whole nine months of life but is adding like just one new kitten a possible trigger? Or does it have to be large stresses like quite a few cats in a small space, late neutering, illness or feeling ignored?
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Oh yes, a new kitten can do it.
Our spayed female sprayed a few times when we brought in a (neutered) male kitty. She stopped as soon as she realized the new guy was okay, no danger to her in any way.

Is the kitten male? Female? Spayed/neutered? How old? Do they get along or is there a lot of tension between them?
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I'm entertaining a new kitten for him but my landlord will only overlook the one pet rule as long as no urinating outside litter box happens and there is HUD inspections twice a year here. I told her I never had a cat do that once but this is my first male kitten so I am new to the whole spraying thing. I was actually thinking the potential newcomer should be a male too but maybe this whole idea is not good. I cant see taking out all my belongs outside for the day each time spraying happens if you have to rent a shampoo Enzyme cleaner setup.

Just looking for real world feedback, especially those that have neutered right away and what happened over the first year when adding one newcomer. If the spraying percentage is so high that introduction stress or hey he used my litter box or a little tiff down the road sets this off. I really dont know.

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My brothers males spray and they are fixed.
My last male cat peed also and I had him fixed young.
My husband will not let me have a male ever again because of that
I hope something works for you.

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I'm not sure I understand what you are asking but I'll take a try. You had your male neutered and you are worried about him starting to spray, OR you have had him neutered and he is already spraying? How old is he now? How long ago was he neutered? Are you just worried that bringing in a second cat will cause him to start spraying even though he is not spraying now?

We brought Mika in and Bijou never started spraying. I don't think anyone can guarantee that your cat won't start spraying, but I don't believe it will just automatically happen. In fact I would guess that the chances of him spraying just because you add a cat to your home are slim.

Some folks with much more experience and knowledge and who have been around her a long time can probably give you more information though.
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I have 500 sq ft apartment with one current 9 month old male that was neutered at 20 weeks. I see a ton of peeing posts around here that blow my mind, I never had an issue with my female that died at 13 last year nor my little Akihiko though he is not even year yet. I cant have that at all here in the apartment or the potential newcomer would have go back maybe even Aki would be in jeopardy if he learned do that.

Just wondering how much changes with two cats, the spraying percentage with an introduction process or if new one used wrong litter box or a little tiff would set this off over the years.
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Some cats are just more likely to spray than other. Keep in mind - MANY cats who do spray do so because they have a health issue (like a UTI).

If you take the time to do a proper introduction, make sure you have enough litterboxes, and try to pick a kitty who will be a good fit into your home - *most* people don't have a problem.
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If they spray like a fire hose, they are either territorial and marking their places, or responding to a female in heat that is nearby (inside or outside doesn't matter)

If they squirt small amounts or dribble, or squat and pee small amounts chances are they are ill and a vet visit is wise. Even neutered males will spray same with females who are spayed, they also can spray. It is a normal cat function although highly irritating and stinky to the human who wants to change things. The more cats you have in your home, the more likely you will have multiple sprayers.
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I don't think anyone can guarantee that a cat will never spray. I have been very fortunate, I have two cats that will be six years old this year and have not had a problem so far. I got the female three months after the male. The male was 5 months old and had not been neutered yet. The female kitten was 2 months old when I got her. I moved almost 4 years ago and they didn't mark in the new apartment so I think I got lucky with these two.
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I used to have a male that started spraying for territorial reasons. An outside tom sprayed our door, and being a crappy rental the door didn't seal. Imagine tom cat spray in your house. I'm lucky all 3 of my males (I had 3 males at the time) didn't start spraying. After that incident, he would spritz below the windows and the door if he saw another cat. He was neutered at 1 yr old by a previous owner, and according to my vet's office at the time--he knew he was a boy by the time he was neutered.

That was the only thing I've ever had trigger spraying in a neutered male. I don't think it's terribly common. I've had male cats my whole life and only a couple sprayed.
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My 9 year old neutered boy sprays. It's for that reason the rest of my cats are female (4 of them)
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
If you take the time to do a proper introduction, make sure you have enough litterboxes, and try to pick a kitty who will be a good fit into your home - *most* people don't have a problem.
This has been my experience as well. I've had several male cats (all neutered) over the years, and only one sprayed (and his issue was temporary, fortunately).

Still, if your landlord is really strict, or if you're really worried about this, you may want to wait until you're in a different place (?). Either way, good luck to you!
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