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Marley has had a spot of acne on his chin for about 2 weeks. I put hebiclense on it one to two times a day. This particular spot is almost gone. two days ago, I noticed another, smaller spot on the other side of his chin. So I am putting hebiclense on this spot. I dillute it every time but Im wondering if maybe Im doing it too much and it could harm him. Im sure he gets a little off each time I apply it, Im afraid Im going to poision my cat!

also I think he is getting it around his whiskers, is it safe to clean this area??

He also has red bumps on the sides of his lips (where the top and bottom meet) they don't seem to go away, but I don't put anything on them becuase I know for sure if I put anything on it, he will lick it off. I am wanting sooooooooo bad for this stuff to go away and stay away!!!