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dashing out the door

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Hi I was hoping someone could help me. I have had cats all my life (RIP scratch and Scree) but never really had a behavior problem before. I just adopted a kitten (Autumn 6 month old) about 2 months ago. She is a great cat, super cuddly but she runs out the door whenever we open it. Does anyone have any advice? I can usually get her to come to me when she gets out, but my BF is getting tired of chasing her down at 6 in the morning and Im scared of her getting run over by a car..we live on a really busy street..thanks for the help
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A pain in the butt, but what about a baby gate in the door frame? Again - PIA to step over rather than open, but it might stop the dashing. ?????????

Hopefully others will have better ideas!!!!!!!!!!!

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Our kitty, Sophie, trained us to open the door more carefully when she ran out. I learned that if I needed to bring in groceries or a load of any sort to walk in empty handed first, and put her in the bedroom while I finished my job. Also when the family walks in as a group we walk in one at a time, closing the door behind each one as we go. The neighbors probably think we're a bit odd, but we still have our cat.
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I bought my current house because it has an enclosed porch area so that when I enter, I'm not coming in from outside but from the enclosed porch (so it doesn't matter if he runs out).

It's a game to the cat, so I agree with the others that taking precautions (like the gate) is the best thing.

My former cat was "cured" of playing this game when one morning, she actually got out and wouldn't come in and soon disappeared. I had to go to work, so she was left outside. I think she never realized that she couldn't get back in on her own.

Five hours later when I returned (I had to leave work early because I was so worried about her!), she was waiting at the door, and as soon as I unlocked it, she ran to the couch and slept for the next four hours! She hadn't been able to have her usual leisurely day outdoors. After that, she never went near the door. In fact, when she would see me getting my coat, she actually retreated so that she'd be nowhere near the door!

However, I don't advise this method of curing your cat. It's easier to take precautions.
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thanks for the help..I guss its more training me/us then her!, I'll try some of those ideas keep you posted
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every cat I have ever had did and still does this! errrr! I have lost 2 just
because they couldn't wait to go out there! and Oh the heartache I suffered
was tremeduous! All of the suggestions are really great ones! So I'm glad I
saw this post! Good luck and I hope and pray that neither one of us have
to experience any losses!
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