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Christmas cookies and friendship.

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I just burned bridges with a gal I had been cyber friends with for many years. We actually met and were at each other's homes and spoke on the phone over the years. Just recently we had a spat as we have done in the past but this time it's over for good. The problem was if she had an opinion and you didn't agree with her, you were wrong and I couldn't deal with that any longer. She has her own cat board but there are only maybe 4 or 5 people who post on it, that should tell you something right there

She used to send me Christmas cookies which she made and I always told her they were very good when in fact I threw half of them out, they had no taste and I believe it's cuz she froze the dough or the cookies. I find when freezing some foods, the taste is no longer there. Now I'm no gourmet cook and the tasteless cookies could've been that way for another reason. I never told her about those trashed cookies, did I do the right thing by keeping quiet about this or should I have told her most of the cookies were terrible. I didn't want to hurt her feelings even tho we are friends no more. She thinks she is a great cook but she is not. Comments???
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since the friendship is already over I would just keep quiet about it. She may take it as a jab at her and she may just think that you are jealous over her cooking and get ever madder at you.
Just be happy you wont be wasting them anymore!
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Yep that's what I was thinking, why make her even more angry. It's just a shame that she will continue baking those tasteless cookes, lol.
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It's always hard loosing a friend so to you. I wouldn't say anything about her cookies....actually freezing the dough (for a short time) or freezing cookies should be ok UNLESS the cookies are still warm. If that happens the cookies could get freezer burned from the moisture inside and yeah, they will taste awful. Or maybe she just can't bake worth crap? :d/k:
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Well, if she ever comes on this site, she now knows her cookies are terrible.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Well, if she ever comes on this site, she now knows her cookies are terrible.
True, eh? And, no, I wouldn't bother saying anything -- it's not going to accomplish anything, and might only lead to worse feelings. What's the point?

Sorry you lost a friend. That's never easy.
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Sorry you lost a friend.
I would not mention the cookies.
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IMOif you are baking stuff, it has to be eaten on the same day, i find it tastes funny after three days!
My MIL baked awesome cookies for her work last xmas, they were so delicious and looked wonderful, but mind you, I will never be doing that! Not because I am capable, but I'm not wasting my time baking untill 2 am two nights in a row!

so maybe she did freeze it, or left it for a few days then it goes weird.. ew...

Sorry for loosing a friend though
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It's always difficult losing good friends. I just have to say that you can lose a friend but you don't loose a friend.
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In the grand scheme of things, the cookies are neither here nor there I'd say.

If she were a nice person and a good friend you could probably put up with the lousy cookies. And if she is a nasty witch, it doesn't matter how great her baking skills are, even if her cookies were fantabulous you probably wouldn't want them.

Sorry you lost a friend but maybe she wasn't such a great friend after all.
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I have to disagree with those who said freezing cookies makes them tasteless. My Grandmother (RIP sweet Gram) mailed me her homemade frozen Christmas cookies every year. They were the best cookies I ever had. I used to even save the crumbs to put on top of ice cream. One year I went to a Christmas party with some of hers and some of mine. At the end of the evening, ALL of hers were gone and one of mine was.

Apparently your ex-friend just wasn't a very good baker either. As far as saying anything, no, of course not. She may not be your friend anymore, but cutting her down because you didn't like the cookies she baked for you would be vindictive.
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