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SNAP Program? Low-cost Spay?

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Hi there. I posted a newbie thread in the "New Cat on the Block" forum.

I just have a question for you all, about the SNAP program. I'm wondering if anyone else has used it, and can give me any information? I know there are SNAP programs in several different states, and I don't know if they are all the same or not, but I'm just trying to get information. I'm in Oklahoma, by the way, and if I used it, it would be through Best Friends of Pets.

Anyway, I called the # just to ask some quesitons, but I only get an answering machine that says to leave my name, phone number, and address, and they will send me an application. I'd rather not just leave all of my information on same machine, before I know how it all works.

That's why I'm coming to you for help.

Thanks so much.
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I've never worked with someone in OK whose used the program - but you've already seen the website? Looks like it may answer a lot of questions if you haven't seen it yet. http://www.bestfriendsokc.org/spay_n...assistance.htm If you don't quality for the low-income Spay/Neuter assistance, looks like they've got other resources too! And they have a link for spaying/neutering feral cats. Overall, looks like a helpful organization.

On the site it says to leave your address and they'll send the forms.

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Oh, I know. I guess I'm just a worry-wort when it comes to my personal information. And, I'd just like to hear from someone who has used it, because I've never heard of it before today. They can say whatever they want on their website, that doesn't mean it's true. Ya know? I'm just paranoid, I'm sure. ESPECIALLY when it comes to my personal information.

Especially since snail-mail is the only way with them. I don't understand why it can't be e-mailed or faxed? Just wanting to find out as much info as I can. You know?!
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I don't know how that program works as I am in a different state, but the low cost spay/neuter program here works much the same way.

I have not asked why they do things that way. After going there many times with feral cats, I do understand what they must do.

They work with a very limited staff of people. The same person has many different tasks. Some of them have regular jobs and must work around their schedule.

I was told once that the form you use to sign up is used for someone to log it into the computer program, then sent to the vet, then from the vet back to them to get processed after completion. If they had emails and faxes then I imagine the duplicates of forms would become an issue.

They also have many that will sign up then not show up for the procedure. Another reason to have that same form that starts with you and eventually comes back to them.

The people that work with the program here are very dedicated and experienced. They do an excellent job. The vets and staff are very dedicated and compassionate to help programs like these.

Last year myself and two others used this program to spay and neuter 4 separate colonies of feral cats. Each colony had from 14 to 30 cats. Times four is a lot of cats and the cost could have stopped us. I am thankful for the program we have here! Good luck to you.
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Maybe search on the Better Business Bureau or other consumer sites then, if you're worried? I'm pretty sure that most low cost spay/neuter programs require the documentation because they really cannot afford to have people who can afford spays and neuters using their programs.

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