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This was my weekly shelter morning. It must have been a busy weekend; there were at least 3 empty cages.

It's interesting seeing how cats progress. Rascal, a big boy (listening, Cooper38?), is rapidly becoming a shelter favorite. Most of the front-desk girls take him out of his cage and let him roam the lobby, looking for attention. He does NOT tolerate being ignored!

Paris, who was very timid last week, this week is much friendlier. However, in holding her on my lap and petting her, I discovered she a "drooling lover." She drools, a LOT, when you pet her.

Another new gir, a tortie point without a tail, gave me a real scare. She loved being on my lap, but her rear claw got got when I went to move her, and she did the "feral attack" impression. She sounded like she was going to kill me, but she didn't actually even swat at me or snap at me. Puzzling.

They have a new long-haired white girl, very silky. She was cowering in the back of her cage, but when I put my hand in, she made up with me. She likes attention. I have the sneaking suspicion she may be pregnant.

The odd-eyed white boy with the scrotal infection is back out, and doing fine.

Pictures later.