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Mike Tyson is at it again

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Totally disgusting

NEW YORK (May 29) -- Mike Tyson said he's so angry about his rape conviction 11 years ago that he wants to rape his accuser and her mother now. In a television interview broadcast Thursday night, the former heavyweight boxing champion repeated his claim that he was innocent of raping beauty pageant contestant Desiree Washington in 1991 in an Indianapolis hotel room.

"I just hate her guts,'' he said. "... She put me in that state, where I don't know. I really wish I did now. But now I really do want to rape her and her... mama.''

Tyson, 36, was convicted in 1992 and was sentenced to six years in prison. He served three years before being released on parole.

He made the comments during an interview in Miami Beach, Fla., with Fox news anchor Greta Van Susteren, who was reviewing the trial.

A call for comment to Tyson's adviser, Shelly Finkel, was not immediately returned.

The interview was shown on 'The Pulse' on the Fox network.

Neither Washington nor her parents returned calls seeking comment, the New York Daily News said.

05/29/03 18:45 EDT
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I heard that clip on the radio when I was driving in to work this afternoon. It gives me the chills that a man with that many problems is running around free.

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What a sick SOB!
That man appauls me to begin with by then has the kahunas to publicly say that really sickens me!

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Hmmm...and he wonders why his visa application to visit Australia was knocked back repeatedly. I think his defense was along the lines of "I'm a changed man." He must say that often in his day.
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That man needs help!
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He just has so much anger, its scary. I hope that woman is watching her back - its got to be scary being her, with those threats - can he be arrested for threatening to rape her?
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...and as a co-worker of mine stated, "He's still a free man because he can make someone some money".

I don't believe he can be rehabilitated by any means.
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He is soooo disgusting. They should have never let him out of prison one day early.
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He's a thug and a poster child for birth control. I found it hard to believe that an educated, sophisticated woman - a DOCTOR, no less - actually MARRIED him and had kids! Was she THAT hard up for money?
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I think he is a pig!!!!
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Originally posted by sherral46
I think he is a pig!!!!
Sherral, don't insult pigs. THEY have some redeeming social value.
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I agree with you Cindy - dont insult my favourite animal - they are highly intelligent, not like that bottom feeder.
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He's nothing but a common ghetto thug. I really wish the general public would boycott his existence.
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Sorry all you pig lover's! He is lower than a slug! Better?
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The man should never have gotten his boxing license back after his first conviction and he says this stuff to get media attention.......which he obviously does. The only reason he is still out their boxing is GREED. Promoters and others make many happy bucks off of him. It makes me ill.
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he makes me ill just to look at him!
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Originally posted by sherral46
Sorry all you pig lover's! He is lower than a slug! Better?
Yeah, Sherral. NOBODY likes slugs.
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I think he's mentally ill, but that doesn't mean he should get away with statements like that. I think he should be getting treatment- mandatory treatment.
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Oh, he's definitely mentally ill and needs to be under the care of a doctor and on medication (and preferably locked up too--he's the only person I would like to see in 5 points).

I told my husband about this and he said, "Oh they just took it out of context." ARGHHHHHH!!!!! My husband feels that Tyson's gotten a rough deal because of slutty women and the fact that he's black, but still, that doesn't give him an excuse and how in the hell do you take "I want to rape her" out of context? I gave my husband the good ol' one/two (one-bitch him out, two-withhold sex) for that stupid remark.

I don't know if Tyson would actually do anything, but I do think he's extremely stupid and shouldn't be allowed to express his thoughts if he wants to get anywhere in this world. I also feel he should be locked up in an institution and preferably on Thorazine.
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Ordinarily, I would suggest a prefrontal lobotomy but, judging from his behaviour, that's already been done.
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Mike Tyson is one crazy man.
They were talking about this on the radio on Friday morning on the way to work. I dont know how true it is, but supposedly the woman who said Tyson raped her, supposedly made an allegation against her other ex as well. Either way, it gave no excuse for saying what he did.
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I saw the clip. He is a monster.
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I don't think anyone actually expected him to reform. Once a brainless neanderthal always a brainless neanderthal.
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