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I haven't posted about this before because I figured people around here have worse stuff going on, but I got back from the Dr this morning and decided to post about it. I have lost 25 pounds since the end of January because I have been nauseated every time I try to eat so I thought I should get it checked out finally. I have gained 5 pounds back so I am actually 20 pounds down as of this morning, but anyway....

Thay decided to draw blood and schedule me for an ultrasound. The thing that worries me is that my BP was 160/98 and then upon recheck 145/100. I am 30 years old!!! I don't feel very good right now because I have a cold, but if my BP has been that high all along that could be why I am nauseated. Tomorrow is my ultrasound-- they are checking my gallbladder because I have pain upon palpation. I just hope that this ends up being ok.
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My goodness - that's scary! I hope they check you out really well and take care of anything that is not so good.
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Aww! I hope you feel better soon, and your nausea isn't caused by anything too serious! My mom lost a lot of weight and she had gall stones.
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Oh hon, many going out to you. I have the same problem (without much weight loss...unforturnately), and after an ultrasound and endoscope they found out I had ulcers in my esphosagus which makes it hard to get most food to go down and makes you sick to your stomach. The doctor just prescibed something to take 1 hour before eating and it has helped a lot.

I hope your case is as simple as that. Believe me, I know how miserable that can be.
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HBP can cause dizziness, and I suppsoe that could lead to nausea. I'm 31 and have had HBP off and on for the last 20 years. It runs in my family. I hope you can find some answers!
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Thanks everyone. I am able to eat, I just haven't been eating more than once a day simply because it was a fight to keep that down. It has improved a little bit, but now with the cold, everytime I cough i get nauseated. The smell of food would make me gag. One thing about working as a RN at the same place you visit the Dr is, it's a lot easier for me to keep on top of what they are doing. They may not tell me my lab results but I can look them up in the computer. People that don't work there don't have that edge.
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my God...
I hope you can get a good news soon about your lab results...
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Hope you feel better and your lab results are good!
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I wish you the best of luck and hope all is well with you.
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Hope you feel better soon hun xx
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Your blood pressure is high and you're losing weight? Are you having diarrhea with this? Have they checked your thyroid, and by this I mean have they checked free T3, T4, and for antibodies?

It's one thing that should be ruled out.

Other options are as suspected gallbladder issues - if no stones are found they should do a HIDA scan, GERD, even check for possible blood sugar problems.

Also, I know how disturbing it is to drop weight like that. When I had C. diff. I lost over 10lbs in around a week and a half. That was one of the reasons I ended up in the hospital.
Normally because my health I have problems putting and keeping on weight, anyways.
If you can tolerant them, and keep them down, try some of the meal replacement drinks. Though I can understand if those don't settle well either as ones like Ensure tend to be rather rich. There's another juice type one called Breeze that may help, through.

On my worse GI days I manage to keep down tomato soup and Lipton chicken noodle. They're lower fat, but high in sodium so you'd need to consider low sodium alternatives that are more gentle on your stomach.
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Sending many healthy vibes for you!

I would be a tad worried too
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I can understand what you are going through, all but the pain. I've been nauseated for the past week. I hope they find out the problem and you feel better soon. I will be praying for you.
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Thanks everyone. I am getting ready to leave for my ultrasound and hopefully this will show something. I have IBS as well so anytime I have GI issues, I always think IBS first. The only problem with that is I have never had nausea with it and normal symptoms do not include nausea. I feel freakin awful this morning between my cold and a touch of nausea that I hope they get this done quick.
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I have IBS as well, and never had nausea with it.

I hope you are able to get some answers asap, and that you feel better soon
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I hope you feel better soon
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