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What age for adult food?

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We became the proud owners of a new little Persian boy yesterday. His former owner had him on Iams kitten/hairball dry food. We feed our present cat, Neely, Solid Gold and would like to eventually feed the same for our new guy, we named Aidan. Aidan is 7 mos. old, at what age can we switch him to adult food and over how long a period of time should it be?
Thank you for your replies.
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Some foods are "all stages", I do not know Solid Gold and if its all-stages or not.

Most switch their cat from kitten to adult food around 12-18mos old.... sooner if its an all stage food. (I feed Taste of the Wild, which is an all stage food).

When you switch, slow is better...easier on the digestive system. Start by one week feeding 75% of the original food, 25% of the new food.... next week do 50%/50%, then next week do 25% old food 75% new food....week after 100% new food.

Switching slowly should avoid excessive diarrhea/tummy upsets.
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Thank you for the reply. Solid Gold is an all natural, high quality, no preservatives food. We switched our dog to it when he developed an autoimmune illness and then Neely to the cat version. We've been extremely happy with it which is why we'd like to eventually switch our new kitty to it as well.
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SG is an all stage food ... a very very low fat one .... I would wait till about 2 yrs since the fat level is 12%( ie minimal for kitten s per AFFCO) in the purple katzanfloken ( forgive spelling) and IMHO this is not fit for more cats as the ave premium has 18% fat and ave grain free is 20%... if feeding the indigo moon one any time as it has solid protein and fat levels
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I used Solid Gold Indigo Moon for a while for my kittens, it is good for both kittens and adult cats. I also used Wellness CORE, another one for kittens/adults. Currently I am feeding all the cats in my house, whose ages are 8 months, 1.5 years, and 14-16 years old all the same food: Orijen. They are all doing well on it. The kittens have been on the Orijen since they were about 5 months old.
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Ally eats Wellness kitten dry food and sometimes wet food, but of the wetfood, she prefers the adult food because they come in many flavors whereas the kitten food is 1 flavor only. She seems to be getting good nutrition and is growing well so I guess it's fine.
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Congrats on the new kitty

I fed Chloe kitten food until she was 11 months (Wellness Kitten), an all-life-stages food starting at 11 months (Natural Balance), and now she is eating an adult maintenance food (Wellness Indoor).

Our newest cat, Henry, was about 7 months old when we got him and now he's 10 months old. He's been on an all-life-stages food since we adopted him (Natural Balance).
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I would listen to Sharky on that one - she is an expert on nutrition...
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
I would listen to Sharky on that one - she is an expert on nutrition...
Yes, she seems very knowledgeable and I'm going to take her advice.
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