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Introducing Baby's babies!

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One of our cats, Baby, just came back from foster care with 4 bundles of furry cuteness

Kingston, Arwen, Dotti, and Chyna

Baby doesn' seem happy toi be a mom though. I mean, she takes care of them but she'll bolt right out of the room when the door opens and she's got this perpetual look of "What the heck did I get myself into?!"
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Awww!!! What cuties! Lil white kittens!!! I would take one of the whites and the lil black one-

How old is Baby? Younger cats often don't like being mamas.
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How adorable They are very cute!!
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Awwww sweet babies
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Such adorable balls of fluff. I want the black one!
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More furpiccie


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Aw, so cute! I want Kingston! He looks like a tuxie, am I right?
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Oh my, that brought a smile to my sweet are they all...... mommy included!
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OHMYGOSH what precious cuties!!
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What beautiful babies! and momacat .
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OMG!! they are so freaking cute I love kittens being around but my cats....not so much lol
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How very very sweet..........can we see more pics please????????
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Oh, my goodness! Pink noses! Pink toes! They are soooo cute!
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